Rioting In London Is Terrorism – Not Real Change

In the northern parts of London, during the last couple of days, severe rioting has taken place. Pissed of people has taken to their arms and used them as weapons towards policemen; they’ve burned down houses, busses and cars; thrown Molotov cocktails, and stones; in essence acted as pre-historic barbarians.

How come we as the human race has come to perceive violence as the way to change?

Obviously, I am aware as the reason for the riots; people are pissed off, they are unemployed, stressed out, and they live in a world of capitalists that only care about profit – not human beings; but that doesn’t justify violence. And how on earth can violence ever produce something of value, worth and actual, mutual and beneficial change?

If you take to violence, all that you’ll do is that you will harm another human being. You won’t show how to live and apply yourself in the principle of common sense, as what is best for all – you won’t actually contribute anything to the human race; but death and destruction.

It’s a statement of ignorance, to think and believe that revolution, as revolting, through violence and destruction, is in anyway synonym with change, peace and abundance – those things that we all want, and that we know we’re lacking in our current monetary system; then why do we go out on the streets and create the exact opposite from change, peace and abundance? Why do we attempt to enforce a change through scaring other people, blaming other people, throwing a tantrum of anger – instead ourselves standing up as the change, leading the rest of humanity to a more abundant future?

I guess there is no real good answer to my questions, and they aren’t even relevant anyway. What can be seen is that bullies go out on the streets and destroy people’s lives, harm and abuse – and there is no inkling of a movement as to a real change.

Those people that apparently stand up towards authority, and make themselves heard, through violence; they are nothing but terrorists. Anyone that utilize force, coercion, and deliberately harms others is a terrorist, and does not in-fact stand for a solution, but only supports continued dismay and suffering.

We need real leaders. People that are able to stand up for everyone and take responsibility, not blaming, not destroying, but in-fact being a voice for that which is best for all. That is the only type of living the will stop the cycle of abuse.

We stand up as the example, as the practical example of living what is best for all, until others see and notice us and change as well. We live forgiveness, we live support, we give as we would like to receive and become a force that can’t be stopped; as we aren’t fighting towards anyone, but standing for and as the benefit of everyone.

That is how real change will come to pass. Not through violence. Violence and war must instead be banned forevermore.

In order to further your understanding of the principle of giving as you would to receive, investigate the money system based upon this principle: the equal money system. This is how all will be given a life of worth and dignity.


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