Giving is the Key to Living

How have we come to where we are today?

How I’ve become what I am today?

The answer is simple – through accumulated moments.

We’ve lived in a certain way, from a certain starting point, living certain actions over and over again; never questioning the validity of ourselves and our starting point. And then suddenly, without any warning, we’re here. Here in this shit-hole called earth, wherein the struggle for our daily bread has become the very essence of our existence; wherein nothing else exists but either the fight to survive, or the greed of having more than others. That’s what we’ve become, and our world is reflecting this so wonderfully back to us.

And this world as it now exists, as a world solely driven from the starting point of profit, as I want, as ME FIRST, as MINE, as the statement of ourselves as completely self-interested and self-centered – wherein nothing else matters but our life, as our desires, our fears, and our small consciousness bubble; wasn’t created in one single moment. It was created through us in many moments, continuously and constantly living from the starting point of separation, as self-centeredness, as ego.

Where every moment that we lived from a starting point of separation created another layer, created another ripple in the sea of existence, to finally turn into a huge wave, which we now find ourselves in front of.

Thus – we could see it as following: what we face here today, as this earth, and our limited and constricted life’s upon this earth, is the accumulated consequence of what we’ve been giving to this world as the entirety of existence; or rather what we haven’t been giving to this world as the entirety of existence.

What we face here today, as riots, as corruption, as molestation and rape: are the accumulated moments of how we’ve lived the word giving. And as we can see by the consequences that we face, we’ve in-fact only been giving to ourselves, and taking from everyone else, believing there to be no repercussion for such behavior – though now we see that there is.

What is it that must be realized?

That we create through that which we g(L)ive in each and every moment. Thus – if we do not learn, do not apply, and move ourselves as giving towards a solution that is best for all, as giving as we would like to receive; there won’t come any change.

Change in this world is dependent upon you and me changing our starting point of giving, from giving to ourselves only, to giving to everyone equally. So far, we’ve been giving all we have to a system of abuse and consumption called capitalism – and this has caused extreme suffering. Now we stand before the decision to actually give in a way that will birth the change we’ve all wanted for so long – but it will actually require for us to give, and realizing that giving, and what we give in each moment; is the key to creating a world that is best for all, and consequently best for ourselves as well; not be for us as the mind, but for us as a physical being.

Thus – practice giving as you would like to receive in every moment of breath. Give towards a new world, a world that you would like to see become a reality; because it’s only through giving to all equally, as what is best for all, that we’ll be able to start living.


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