And God Created Beauty

And god created beauty, he created ugly people and good-looking people, he created attractive woman and unattractive woman; now why did god do such a stupid thing?

Couldn’t god in his almightiness, in his omnipotence and all wisdom see that such a creation would become the origin of comparison, inferiority, superiority, discrimination and bullying? Obviously, if god do in-fact stand as all those above mentioned marvelous characteristics, he did in-fact see what he was doing, and what he was creating; which then gives us the conclusion that god was actually evil.

Because let’s look at what this creation of attractive and unattractive spawns in the minds of men, and we can take the example of myself, as I’ve grown up as a man in this world.

Now, it’s when you hit puberty at about 12-15 years old that you start to notice that certain people get more attention than other people. Usually this is mostly so with girls. And those that get the most attention hold one characteristic in common – they are apparently attractive. This means that their bodies are shaped in a particular geometrical measurement.

Due to this design of certain people, as having bodies gifted with a particular geometrical measurement, they’ll become the popular people of the school; liked and adored by everyone – having small gangs form up around their geometrical perfection.

While those with no such geometrical perfection given to their bodies will find themselves to be outcasts, or maybe in the popular group, but not given as much attention as the one holding the beauty.

What does this then create in the mind of man?

Obviously the fact that our bodies look differently, and are valued differently in society leads to jealousy, comparison and self-judgment; and in youth today we’re able to see the epitome of this beauty hype; as young females starve themselves, and young males spend their time on a gym, developing their muscles – as big muscles is apparently a geometrical measurement that is to be considered beautiful.

We’ve through giving value to our bodies, and comparing our bodies, defining certain bodies to beautiful, and certain bodies to be ugly, created a completely twisted view of reality; wherein the pictures are that which is to be considered of value, and the actual real physical reality is completely forgotten.

But consider the following – what is it that gives you the ability to live, interact and experience yourself in this reality? Is it your body, as the physical – or is it pictures?

It’s obviously your body, because without your body; you wouldn’t be able to speak; you wouldn’t be able to interact, or move yourself in anyway what so ever. Thus – a picture is not alive, a picture is simply light reflected into your eye, and then transferred to the back of your brain where a picture is created. You can’t feel a picture, you can’t touch a picture, and you can’t interact with a picture; thus – the picture is the lie and your human physical body, as actual real touch, communication and interaction is of reality.

So, the obvious point of self-correction for humanity, and myself is to stop this complete obsession with pictures; brown skin, dark skin, thin belly, big muscles, cool hairstyle, firm thighs, tight but – this is not what life is about! Life is not that which you see with your eyes, but that which you can feel with your fingertips; and to the fingertips all flesh is equal.

Thus – let’s return ourselves to our fingertips, and learn to use our eyes without becoming obsessed by that which we see – believing pictures to be the one factor that determines reality; while it’s in-fact our human physical bodies that do.

Investigate Desteni, and Desteni I Process to understand more about living here as the physical.

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