Bad Teacher

Today I’ve watched a movie called Bad Teacher and I found it to be very fascinating, due to all the symbolism, and typical human behavior that we’ve accepted as normal, while it’s in-fact abusive bully behavior, being visible in plain day.

So, the movie was about a young teacher that had a ‘sugar-daddy’ – which means having a sexual relationship with a man that is very rich, and as such reaping economical awards. The character of this woman is that of being attractive, ‘not giving a fuck’, ‘cool’, ‘popular’ and cocky.

The movie starts out with this woman having her sugar daddy break up with her, and she’s as such forced to continue working at the school in order to make a living for herself, which she doesn’t like at all. So she constructs a plan of enlarging her own breasts to as such be able to attract a man with money – a new sugar daddy.

Now, already this part of the storyline I find to be completely fucked up; because in essence what is taught, and given the impression of in this movie, is that it’s acceptable, as well as preferable for women to prostitute themselves in order to get money. Basically giving the act of prostitution a prettier face, and making it look somewhat more cool and adventurous, as this ‘cool’ teacher lives out her days looking for a man, ways to make money, and abusing drugs. And it’s fascinating that all of this is given the resonance of something really cool to do and fun to do.

I mean what we’re in-fact observing in this movie is a woman that has to give up her life, her self-movement, in order to fuck with men for money; as well as raping her own body, through doing a breast-enlargement; and all for money!

The fucked up nature of our money system is so subtly and deceptively hidden in this movie – wherein the struggle to survive, and achieving your dreams; wherein you in essence sell your soul to the devil, is portrayed as something fun to do.

Anyway, so as a rich man comes to the school the woman is naturally interested, though another female rivals her. What ensues is the classical catfight, wherein two beings are abuse, and harm each other with the objective to win the man; and implicitly all for money obviously. And in the movie also this is portrayed as something humorous and funny – while the implicit message that is being given is a really fucked up one. Basically: do all in your power to win a man with money, harm, hurt and deceive; it doesn’t matter, as long as you get him.

And at the same time there is another man that wants to have this woman’s geometrical measurements in his bedchamber for some sexual intercourse; and he ensues to capture her. Though he doesn’t hold the characteristic of being successful, and he’s as such turned down. But he does hold the characteristic of confidence and alpha-male behaviorism, and as such he retrieves the girl at the end of the movie.

The polarity of confident/alpha/popular vs. geeky/nerdy/unpopular was present all through the entire movie; and it’s fascinating that such hierarchy existing in groups of people is mostly based upon your sexual attractiveness, or as a man, the amount of money you have, or alpha-male behaviorism patterns; which is in essence your ability to gain dominion and assert yourself as a leader in any given moment.

In one of the scenes this hierarchical system was effectively exposed as what it really is: there was this one geeky boy in the woman’s class who had a crush on the most attractive girl in the class. In one scene he attempts to win her love through proclaiming his immense adoration for her; but he’s rejected, and laughed at by the rest of the class, which is another fucked up human behavior pattern – ridicule – but I won’t go into that now.

So, as this boy has become rejected, he feels humiliated and takes to the run, wherein the woman follows him. She catch him in a shed where the woman tells him that he’s a geek and as such won’t ever be able to create a relationship with the attractive girl. She then gives the boy her bra, and as they return to the rest of the class – the woman exclaims that the boy had been caught having sex with a female, and the boy then shows the bra as a proof of this; this then giving him respect, and annuls the failure he had experienced before.

This scene clearly shows that what matters and what is given value to, at least as a boy, which is how many woman you’re able to have sex with. While that which matters to woman seems to be how many men you’re able impress upon, having them define and regard you as attractive.

And this movie was cool because it resembles so much my own experience of growing up, as it was all about getting popular, and you did that through either having sex, or doing some kind of drug. If you achieved in those two areas, and you had many friends, and you were out partying a lot = you were apparently popular.

So, what has happened to actual worth, and actual self-respect? What has happened to integrity? Why aren’t children shown movies of kids accepting themselves, respecting themselves, and living themselves as self-worth, wherein they are not apart of the social hierarchy of the class as unpopular vs. popular – but instead in a stable and self-loving relationship with themselves?

It’s because the adults that make the movies are just as possessed with these ideals of popular and unpopular, liked and disliked, successful or a failure, as the children are. It’s all over society at all times, that you’re either a winner and famous, or nothing and a looser.

And it’s visible on youtube as thousands youngsters try to promote themselves as the newest super star, and newspapers write long pages about those that has apparently made it – while those living ordinary, and normal lives, or even below ordinary and normal lives, as poverty stricken people, are completely forgotten and disregarded.

We live in a hierarchical system and that is fucked up. Because when you’re not considered worthy enough by the rest of the group, you’re pushed downwards, to simply exist as unseen ghost; and this is shown by how poor people, with no money, in essence have no voice at all – they are invisible; and let’s not talk about the animals! They have for millions of years been seen only as a lesser creation brought here to serve man.

Thus – equality is the solution, and giving to all the right to express themselves, and live without discrimination, bullying or abuse being factors in the environment. And this can only been done when hierarchy end; so investigate equal money – as the end to hierarchy.


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