What if I Don’t Want to Be Apart of the Equal Money System?

There are some people that, as they first have their eye’s slowly stray over the words ‘Equal Money System’, screams out in blind panic: what if I don’t want to be apart of it! Are you going to force me to be apart of it?! Are you going to send me to a concentration camp?!

This type of reaction exposes a typical brainwashing – which is the belief that equality will somehow threaten your now so comfortable existence; because one thing must be understood – the people that do have this reaction are not poor; as poor people would throw themselves whole heartedly over any opportunity to have their life become somewhat more easier.

Equality won’t threaten your existence, and it won’t have you loose anything of your materialistic value; unless you’re a U.S dollar billionaire – though there are so few of them that I assume your not one of them.

Actually you’ll in an Equal Money System find yourself to have more materialistic wealth than you have currently – in the likings of a U.S dollar millionaire. Yes it’s possible for everyone to live as millionaires, when we stop wasting our resources through such ludicrousness as planned obsolescence, and profiteering; and instead make use of what is here in a practical and effective manner.

Thus – to not want to be apart of the equal money system indicates extreme fear of loosing that which you have currently, as your apparent freedom and individuality; while you in-fact have none at all! In this current system we were brainwashed since a young age to believe that we are free, to believe that we’re living a ‘normal’ life in this capitalistic system, when we are nothing else but slaves – living but to please the god of money, so that we may survive from one day to the other. How’s such an existence in anyway preferable, or likable, when in front of your face is presented a solution, a system, that will in-fact have you to be unconditionally supported and taken care off; no matter what!

But if you still don’t want to be apart of the Equal Money System, well, we’ll invite you in anyway, and you can have just the same material wealth as everyone else – and we won’t worry that you’ll abuse, or use it without giving anything in return; because the Equal Money System is based upon giving, as such we give, and we’ve got an abundance to give from. It’s but the belief in our current monetary system that there is scarcity and lack, when there in-fact isn’t, that scarcity and lack which we experience is created through the abuse of money, and isn’t a real physical condition.

Because look, we’re here in this world, and everywhere around us the physical is flourishing into various expressions, which most of them are able to in someway sustain, or nourish us; the problem has always been the starting point of man, as instead of giving to another as he himself would like to receive, hoarding resources, wanting to become rich and powerful, existing within and as competition; when all on earth could be well, and all have more than enough to survive, if we would simply help each other instead of fight each other, and give to each other instead of taking from each other.

So, in the Equal Money System the principle of ‘giving as you would to receive’ will be our only market force, and as such our markets will be abundantly filled with whatever you’d like to have; except goods based upon abuse obviously, as that will not be accepted and allowed in an Equal Money System – as an Equal Money System supports life, expansion, and human excellence – not abuse.

Is such a world possible, or is it utopia you might ask?

We decide and always have. Anyone that say’s that heaven on earth is not possible has decided that for himself, though it doesn’t make it in-fact so, because we’re the creators, we’re the authorities, and we’ll be the ones that take the first step to manifest a world of enjoyment, instead of suffering.

Thus – would you really like to miss out on a eternity of enjoyment? Here on earth? Does this system really give you so much satisfaction that it’s worth to miss out on heaven on earth?

Obviously you don’t want to miss out on this – so visit Equal Money and check out what it’s all about.


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