Why Equal Money isn’t a Utopia

Many times as I’ve spoken about and shared myself in regards to the Equal Money System, as a solution for mankind wherein competition, survival and fear would end, people have countered me with the statement of: that will never work! It’s a utopia! People are born greedy, and the human will never change! The world will never become a better place!

It’s fascinating that many make such conclusions, that greed can never end, and that the human will never will change; because on what factual foundation do they base such a judgment? I mean, has it ever been tried to change the human nature? Have anyone ever attempted to implement an Equal Money System? Has anyone ever stood up and spoken with a voice that belongs to the entirety of mankind?

No – never has this been done.

As such, to state that the Equal Money System is a utopia is in-fact a justification, an excuse as to why you don’t want to change yourself, and why you would rather wallow in apathy, fear, anxiety, inferiority and blame; instead of standing up to become the much needed change that is required. Because utopia, as a dream of the perfect world that can’t ever be real, is only a utopia because we haven’t in-fact lived what is best for all, and actually brought to earth a system, and a way of life that would consider everyone equally, as what is best for all.

Who created the world as it is today? Who created you as you are today? Who’s responsible? Is it somebody else but you? No!

That’s why you’re also able, capable, and in a position to create utopia. I mean, we created hell – why couldn’t we then create utopia? As a life that is best for all? Of course we can! It’s simply that we change our behavior, or way of living, and we remove that from ourselves that have brought us to this position of hell, and we instead live that which will bring us to a position of heaven on earth. It’s simple.

That’s why stating that the Equal Money System is a utopia is unacceptable, because it’s a statement of giving up; and if you’ve given up – what’s the point to live really? When you’re only going to continue living in this world, as hell, simply living to survive, with no point or purpose above that what so ever; that’s simply not a worthy, or cool life – we deserve to have something better. We deserve to have utopia!

Though the very definition of utopia is that of a dream of a perfect reality that can’t be fulfilled, so the word in it’s very essence is deceptive and abusive, as it states that a world that is best for all won’t ever become a reality. So, we need to have a new word, and that could be practopia – which holds the definition: that anything is possible to be created, it’s all a matter of consistency, discipline, focus and determination; though when we live these words change will eventually be on our door step.

So, the Equal Money System is a practopia – you’ll have to live it into existence for it to become real; it will not manifest out of thin air by itself, but it’s absolutely possible, absolutely doable, and absolutely needed.

Thus – whenever anyone tells you that a world that is best for all is a utopia, you know he’s simply uneducated, as he’s not yet aware of the word practopia – and at the moment there are many that are uneducated and lost in the delusion, that there exist such a thing as a utopia. We need to bring humanity back to breath, back to basics; to realize that we create here as breathe, and what live here will accumulate and become our future. That’s the simplicity, which must be learned.

Desteni–haters are perfect examples of people that have forgotten their nature as practitioners of practopia, and have instead fallen prey to apathy, self-judgment, and self-hatred; willingly defending their nature, and this system that has been the cause of so much suffering and pain, when there is, right in front of their faces, opening up and opportunity to actually create heaven on earth.

How can anyone actually be willing to defend his or her own limitations? It’s fascinating – yet this is what we’ve become. We fight for our existence that is lesser than what is best for all, and we call the venture, and idea of creating a future that is best for all utopia, and as such as being impossible – isn’t that somewhat funny?

I mean, it indicates a severe mind delusion to state that a better future for all is utopia, as it is a statement that by implication makes the announcer non-existent; as he’s stating that he can’t do anything, he can’t change, he can’t create himself as a better man – but why can’t he do that? Obviously everyone is able to change themselves, because we’re here, we’re the one’s living our life’s, we’re the one’s making our decisions, we’re the one’s choosing our words – and as such we’re the origin point of practopia, as well as the origin point of the excuse, as stating that a better world for all is a utopia.

There is in-fact free choice and that is between choosing practopia, or choosing the delusion of utopia. I know what I’ve decided – I’ve decided to live practopia into existence as myself here in every moment of breath; will you join me?

Human-beings, it’s time we stop hating ourselves and actually create a world that we want to live in, because we’re worthy of that – because I decide that we are – cool huh? That’s the application of free choice in action – I make the decision that I am worthy of a better life, and I live that decision here as breath; until it’s done, and heaven is in-fact here on earth, both within me and without.

To become a practitioner of practopia as equality in action visit desteni.co.za, and check out the Internet course desteni I process – I am recruiting new students!


One thought on “Why Equal Money isn’t a Utopia

  1. Tobias

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through
    some oof the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it
    and I’ll bee book-marking and checking bak frequently!



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