What is Relevant?

An interesting question to ask oneself in terms of walking process, as well as walking any other point in one’s life is “what is relevant?”

Because I’ve noticed the tendency within myself of wanting to focus upon issues and points that aren’t relevant what so ever in terms of what I am facing within myself, or in my reality. An example of such an unnecessary consideration in terms of dealing with a point within me would be to ask myself the question of why? Because how does that question in-fact support and assist me to deal with the point that I am facing?

To further exemplify this point: I would experience myself depressed a morning as I woke up, and I would lie in my bed and ask myself to question – why? But does me having the answer to why actually support and assist me to change my experience of myself as depression? Is the question of why in-fact relevant?

What is it that is relevant? What is it that is important?

It’s not the why – it’s not the what – it’s not the when – it’s in-fact the how – because only in asking myself how I am living a certain point of self-limitation, or how I am manifesting into my a world a point of failure am I able to take back self-responsibility and realize that – I am the HOW – and only the HOW matters to who I am. Why I am doesn’t matter because I am already here. When I am doesn’t matter because I am already here. What I am doesn’t matter because I am already here. How I am does matter because I am able to change myself as the how.

HOW as in WHO – How I am  – Who I am – Who am I? That’s the only relevant question that exists as it implies a stand of taking full responsibility, of self-empowerment and self-assertiveness.

Thus – it’s fascinating to see that we as mankind as come to fall in love with the question of why, as we look in our minds, searching for the answer of “what is the meaning of life?” and “why am I here?

If we instead change these questions to “how am I the meaning of life?” or “how do I live meaning as myself in my life?” we instead bring the point back to ourselves, realizing that it’s not up to anyone else to decide what we are going to live, and how – but it’s in-fact all about ourselves and self-motivation.

And then if we take the other question of “Why am I here?” and change it to: “How am I here?” – then one again turn the question towards oneself to realize and understand there is no one able to give one the answer of “Why am I here?” – because it’s of one’s own decision, and one decide through living a statement of oneself as “Who/How I am”.

Thus – to summary – when one write, or introspect and one start to ask questions to oneself – it’s of great assistance to consider whether or whether not the questions are in-fact necessary and relevant, or whether the information, and the words one place down before oneself is in-fact necessary or relevant – because I’ve found that many times it isn’t; but I’ve instead wrote in automated mind-set, simply writing things down without questioning what statements I am actually creating.

So, to be aware and practice the skill of being self-responsible and practical in one’s writing can also be called self-directed writing – wherein one stop the urge to produce the patterns of the mind on the paper in front of oneself, and instead place down a self-directive statement as to HOW one is going to change the WHO I am to become a more effective and benevolent human being.


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