Heaven is Only Possible On Earth

Heaven is only possible on earth, because only on earth you’re in-fact alive, only on earth you can in-fact enjoy your senses, smelling, talking, moving yourself, applying yourself – while in your grave = you can’t do anything.

The biggest mistake of man has been to believe that heaven comes after your life on earth when you’re dead – because then you’re dead! And when you’re dead you can’t move yourself, you can’t feel your fingertips or your feet’s touching the ground – that can only happen when your in-fact breathing and walking one and equal under this sun.

As such – we must stop waiting for Jesus and the hereafter because it’s nothing but a lie, a delusion spread around due to the fear of man to actually live – to actually face consequence and reality – to realize and understand that this is it – this breath – here in this moment – it’s all we’ve got and there won’t ever be anything more than that. Thus – when our one moment of breath is clogged up with fear, survival and competition, as is the custom in today’s world – there is something wrong! And heaven is absolutely not here!

We accept earth as our one place to be alive, as our one place to experience ourselves, as our one place to share and move ourselves to be less than heaven – why? Because we believe there is a afterlife! How deceptive religion is – while claiming to give birth to “good” on this earth, it’s actually, through spreading the delusion of a afterlife, creating human beings unable to be benevolent, as the believe their life on earth to be but a game, and but one place to rest their bones before they’ll be accepted in to heaven!

This is not so – there is no heaven and when you die, you’re dead – unless you’ve actually stood up and amalgamated yourself with and as the physical, and made yourself to be real and substantial – too within such a stand move and apply yourself to manifest heaven on earth, as a experience of actual bliss, actual love, actual joy, and actual enjoyment!

Thus – when you die still holding on to the deception of yourself as separate from the physical – you’re writing your own death sentence, as you place trust in the mind, as thoughts, feelings and emotions that doesn’t in-fact hold any relevance, or matter in the physical – and obviously as you accept and allow yourself to stand equal and one to that which has no relevance you’ll also make and create yourself to be irrelevant. And thus – when death arrives you as who you’ve known yourself to be cease to exist – personality cease to exist – the belief in heaven cease to exist and what remain is the physical.

The mind, as ourselves, as thoughts, feelings and emotions is responsible for earth not being heaven, as the mind is designed in ups and downs, highs and lows, valleys and fields – it’s a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. As such – existing of and as the mind you’ll never be stable, never clear, never assertive and strong enough to make a difference for yourself and even less any of those beings currently inhabiting your reality – first we must stop our mind and bring ourselves back to the physical.

And when polarity stop and the dust settles, so that we’re again able to see what is real and what isn’t – that’s when the opportunity comes to create heaven on earth, as we change and mold ourselves into and as perfection – living/giving as we would like to receive.

This is actual and practical religion in practice, as it in-fact create good in the world, not simply through believing, but through actual livable actions that makes a difference, that can be seen, felt and touched – that’s what we do at Desteni – actual practical change!

Anyway – listen to this video from Bernard to gain further perspective on the realization that “Heaven is only Possible on Earth!”


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