Gods Business Was A Success

When god came into existence he was bored. He had nothing to do and no one to talk to – and so he decided to start his own business. Now he first needed a business plan, and for anyone that knows of business – in order to establish a good product you must first find a problem that isn’t yet solved; the idea would then be that your product would solve that very problem and as such be in high demand with consumers.

And god came up with the perfect problem – and he called it – the human experience. And he made this problem as – the human experience – as the human – to be infested with such things as greed, love, hate, revenge, desire, lust, fear – basically all known human weaknesses – and suddenly there was a major problem to be solved. There was actually an entire race of beings to be ‘saved’ and brought into the ‘safety’ as consumers of gods great business.

Thus – god created the solution to – the human experience – and called it heaven, faith and religion – which in essence gave you as the consumer a feeling of ‘safety’ and ‘being part of something bigger’, as well as ‘hope’ for a better hereafter – sufficiently so that you would be able to endure your – human experience – and the consequential shit that your – human experience – would cause within yourself and your world – until you would die.

God created the business of ‘feeling good’ – sufficiently so that you would endure your – human experience – for a lifetime – without trying to change yourself as – the human experience. And god created the bible as marketing for his – solution – to – the human experience – and he had great success with his business.

He sold his – solution – to many and became regarded as a superior, holy and enlightened being by those that were consumers of his product – though – what god would never reveal to anyone was that his product in-fact didn’t work.

What god failed to convey was that – there is no hereafter that can ever sufficiently outweigh the suffering and abuse of – the human experience. There is in-fact no product – as religion – as a ‘good feeling’ – that can ever help to solve the problem of – the human experience.

And perhaps the most important detail that god forgot to mention – you can’t ever have someone else but you – yourself – end your own – human experience.

The human experience is in-fact self-created – through acceptance and allowance – and as such no religion, or god – or product – no matter how enticing it might seem – will ever remove your responsibility to end your existence of yourself – one and equal as – the human experience; that is something solely you have the power to do.

This is why god’s business is a – lie. It doesn’t in-fact give the world what it promises – it doesn’t produce peace – it doesn’t end the human dysfunctions of jealousy, comparison, hate, self-judgment, fear, anger, doubt, dependence and anxiety – it doesn’t in-fact end – the human experience.

As such – it’s time to disregard the business of god as religion – as the uselessness it in-fact represents – too instead stand up and live a solution. We must de-humanize ourselves – end – the human experience – and create – the godly experience/expression – of and as ourselves.

Thus – we must start our own enterprise – and develop our own product that we give to ourselves – the product of self-forgiveness/self-will/self-correction – so that we can end our acceptance and allowance of self-limitation as – the human experience – and instead become – the godly experience.

Yet – not gods as in superior to anyone else – but gods as self-perfection in actual practical living – wherein we do not place – experience – before practicality – and we do not accept and allow our subjective reality to become more important than the actual – objective reality – which we share with everyone.

That’s the real expression of and as a god – someone that lives one and equal as the objective reality – having perfected the ability to live in each moment seeing the world from everyone’s perspective – instead of only his own – experience.

Stop being a consumer and stand up to be your own product – self-created and self-willed – substantial and in-fact real!


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