Is the world a better place ten years after twin tower?

Should it be? Ten years ago the ‘war on terror’ started – and America, with the rest of the western world following it’s tail, set out to ‘destroy’ terror – and make earth, the world ‘a safer place’.

Have they succeeded? Have the world become a safer place and has terrorism actually seized to exist? Have violence seized to exist? Have bombs and weapons seized to exist? No! Everything is just as it was ten years ago as the ‘war on terror’ was introduced.

Why did it fail?

Well – maybe because the actual terror of this world was never understood, seen, or acknowledged – because are really ‘terrorists’ the real terror of this world? Or is the real terror of this world hidden in plain sight right in front of our noses?

Is terror 30’000 children dying daily from malnutrition?

Is terror weapons being manufactured and sold for profit?

Is terror medical companies pushing drugs for the sake of money – disregarding any consequence their ‘medicine’ might have?

Is terror politicians becoming bribed, going corrupt, stealing people’s assets?

Is terror Christian fanatics vehemently defending their belief in god, the after-life, and that ‘all they have to do is to praise god’ – while the world is suffering?

9/11 – can that even be termed terror? It’s such a small situation; such a minute momentary experience of suffering if one compares it to the entirety of this world. And have the reason ever been understood as to why 9/11 in-fact did occur? Was it because, maybe, in the Americans delusions of grandeur, ravaging the world for resources, they actually stepped on some feet’s?

Ten years after 9/11 – the world is just the same as it’s always been – weapons are being produced and manufactured, soldiers are being trained, presidents are lying, the populous are only concerned with booze and sex – and there is no movement, or inclination towards a world that is better for all; mankind is stuck in self-interest and fear.

Real terror in it’s very essence is in-fact a human being possessed with delusions of grandeur as self-interest, and the fear of survival; such a human being will go to any extent to defend what’s apparently his while disregarding the rest of existence.

Equal Money is the solution wherein this terror of self-interest and the fear of survival will forever more be stopped – it’s a practical and applicable solution – not a dream!




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