Witnessing Isn’t Enough

Many of the religious ‘new age’ doctrines that arrive from the fear east, among them Buddhism and ‘Oshoism’, holds the view that in order to transcend ‘life’ you’ve to let go of yourself completely, let go of your awareness of yourself in this reality and simply become ‘a witness’; wherein you’d then witness yourself, your participation, and what’s going on in this reality – completely listless and indifferent to what’s happening here – then you’d apparently ‘transcend’ reality.

Though, what’s the problem within such a starting point of living? What are the implications of having one’s participation in this reality being that of ‘a witness’?

Well – it’s quite obvious that the outflow of being but a witness in this reality – is that reality will take whatever road it choose to take; while one merely ‘witness’ what’s happening. And then reality might become a place of horror, dread and suffering – yet to the ‘New-Ager’ this isn’t a problem what so ever – as he’s simply ‘witnessing’ reality – not being apart of it – only witnessing it.

The problem is obviously that when one applies, and lives as ‘a witness’ – reality can turn into a complete shit-hole, and that is obviously not acceptable. And even though one would like to see oneself as ‘only a witness’ – starvation, and physical abuse do affect even those that ‘only witness’ – the physical reality as what is here is in-fact real – which is shown by the fact that you experience pain and pleasure – comfort and discomfort – what is here as this physical reality do have consequence as to how you will experience yourself.

Thus – what have Buddha and Osho missed? One cool point that they both understood and realized, which was the same point that they also fell upon –  was the point of developing the ability/skill to remain silent and clear no matter what situation one is facing – this they then referred to as ‘only being but a witness’ – what they missed then was that you’re in-fact able to be ‘a witness’ as calm, stable and clear in your self-application – and still participate and act/live in the benefit of all – and actually having an impact upon this reality, while still not being ‘lost’ in and as the relationships and dramas of the social constructs of and as human beings in this reality.

Meaning that  you in-fact enable yourself to act, live, care, consider, and ‘feel’ – even though you do not define yourself according to what is here – you act according to the principle of what is best for all, and as such you’re a participator and make a impact, and a difference – yet still remaining uninfluenced and untouched – acting from within and the starting point of breath, and physical considerations – equal and one.

As such we live without any experience – yet still we participate fully here as breathe – moving and applying ourselves in order to manifest what is best for all as living and breathing participators – but still remaining objective and clear without loosing ourselves in any form of experience.

Thus – the realization to be made is that there is no ‘point to reach’ such as ‘transcending reality’  – too then apparently reach the ‘final stage’ of ‘but being a witness’ – what’s instead to be understood is that reality is here as a opportunity for us to collectively, and individually manifest heaven on earth, both within and without, through and as the practical physical application of ourselves – as such there exist no such point as reaching a state of ‘witnessing’ and then you’re apparently done, clear, and there isn’t anything left for you in this life.

No – the point is that one make oneself in this life an effective participator that live and apply what is best for all in every moment of breath – moving oneself one and equal here as breath, and acting from a clear and sound starting point – and as such – breath by breath manifest a world, and a experience of self that is truly divine. But to do such – we must act – we must live – and to but be a witness isn’t enough – instead we’re to become an objective participator that stands by a principle – being in this world, yet not off this world – but still living in such a way that one take responsibility for what is here and live in a way that is truly supportive for self and everyone else.


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