Destonian – what is that?

Destonian – what is that?

A Destonian is someone that stands for a world that is best for all – it doesn’t need to be a human being, as it’s not about what shape you reside within and as – but it’s about who you are, and how you live.

Thus – to be a Destonian is in-fact a living action as the principle of what is best for all in the flesh – wherein one as a Destonian move and apply oneself in order to manifest divinity – greatness – and true excellence – which is in short to be referred to as EQUALITY.

Further – a Destonian is someone that lives the tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and common sense in each and every moment of breath – it’s someone that each day aim to contribute to the creation of self-perfection – either through supporting self, or supporting others as self to stand up as self-expression – as real and actual love in application.

A Destonian is someone that is has let go of his spiritual side – his meditation and guru inclinations – to in-fact make peace with himself as the beast he is – a physical being that undoubtedly lives within certain laws and limitations – within certain ultimate truths that can be experienced and seen by everyone – and a Destonian will live within these limitations with the objective to manifest greatness – as what is best for all – NOT escaping into the fake experience of limitlessness that the mind presents.

A Destonian has found his feets and his hands – and as such he utilizes them in order to bring through heaven on earth – as equality and oneness.

All and everyone can be a Destonian – it’s in-fact our real and actual nature – it’s in-fact who we are – we must simply live ourselves to become it in each and every breath – and as such transcend that of ourselves which has diminished into an experience and stance of being less than a Destonian – less than the self-application of living in alignment with the principle of what is best for all.

As such – never believe yourself to be inferior to a Destonian – because you are not – what you see as the greatness of a Destonian in full application is yourself waiting to be birthed and lived into physical self-application.

And so we expand until all are able and capable to live one and equal as a Destonian – that’s in-fact the solution to all problems of the world – and the key to heaven on earth!




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