Why is wall street a casino?

The answer to this question doesn’t need to have more research than looking at the economic section of a daily newspaper, or switching on the television to look at the news cast; because what is proven time over time as one look at these reports is that the economy makes absolutely NO SENSE what-so-ever. Nobody is able to tell whether the economy will increase, or decrease – and when it decrease everyone end up surprised – and people jump out of their rooftop offices, as they lost all that they owned; the economy simply doesn’t make any sense.

And this is also proven by the fact that there are so many companies that go into the market, maybe they make great earnings, to the next month bankrupt – the economy is such a unstable, and unpredictable environment that any other term but casino can’t accurately enough describe the sheer luck required to get anywhere in this world – in terms of ‘winning on the stock market’.

What’s fascinating is that many still believe that there is skill to becoming rich – that it’s something you struggle towards, and fight towards, and then one day you suddenly ‘make it’ – thinking that everyone has the ability to ‘win’; while in-fact there are very, very few people that ever transcend their birth given socio-economic class. Most stay where they we’re born – as workers, or academics, most of us simply take on the track of our parents. And if your ‘lucky’ enough to be born rich – then this will be your future life.

As such – the stock market, the economy and capitalism isn’t a place wherein your dreams will be fulfilled – and you’ll be able to have your ‘freedom’ – it’s in-fact the opposite; it’s the prison where you’ll be a wage-slave till the end of your days, wishing, hoping and desiring that you’d one day be able to get out of your misery – but that they will never arrive.

And then you would through your life attempting to scrounge sufficient of money to give you a ‘comfortable’ old age – or enough money to pay for your hospital bills, or at least your apartment bills. We all, or the big majority of us, exist within such living conditions of moving from month to month – and still: even though we exist in this experience and lived application of a wage-slave, we persist holding unto the dream of richness, the hope that it’ll someday be our turn to win!

Though this will in-fact never happen – you won’t ever truly win until all win. And when all when, as all are given equal access to what is here, that’s when heaven on earth will become a reality – and you’ll in-fact be able to have all that which you ‘truly’ desire – as that feeling of safety, and comfort all strife for; everyone will know that they are safe, and without any risk to be harmed – and all the material possession that we desire – that we use to support our physical bodies, and realities with – they will become available to all. Everyone will win!

So – delete any thought that resides within saying that only 1 is able to win – and that the world must be a casino of winners and losers – such a belief is self-limitation and not in-fact real.


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