Seeing A Moment From More Than One Perspective

Some days ago I had a fascinating realization and it came to be as I was sitting with my class at a seminar. We we’re going through some details of our most current assignment, details that I had already come to understand and know – though many of my classmates didn’t hold the same understanding as me, and as such many kept asking teacher questions.

At this point the teacher started to become strained as the seminar was coming to it’s end, and there was still more points to cover, than this particular point that we’re a place of uncertainty to many of my classmates.

And in this moment I noted with myself that I started to twist and turn in my chair, I started to look at the clock behind me, and I thoughts of frustration come up within – as for example: “why can’t they see we don’t have time for these questions!” – “Why is everyone here unable to understand this simple information?” – “Can’t everyone see that the teacher is strained and that we must move one?!”

As I noticed this behavior that existed both in thought, as emotion, and as my physically becoming restless, looking at the clock behind me every one minute – I realized and understood that I wasn’t in-fact considering or seeing the experience and starting point of my classmates.

I didn’t accept and allow myself to see that to them their questions were important and needed, as they didn’t in-fact have the same understand of the point as I did, and as such they needed and required to ask these questions in order to clarify to themselves what the details of the assignment were.

And in that moment I stopped myself from existing as an experience of judgment and frustration and I brought myself back to this physical reality – and I simply let myself let go of the tenseness, and the restlessness – and I listened to the questions of my classmates; understanding that I would have asked the same questions if I didn’t have the understanding of the assignment as I currently did.

As well realizing that if I didn’t have the understanding of the assignment that I currently did – I would like to be given the time to ask sufficient with questions to make the point clear to myself, without having others becoming angry, frustrated, and irritable that “I used up to much time”. And as such this is what I applied myself as that which I would like to receive – I stopped me from existing as irritable and I gave to another that which I would to receive myself.

To apply and move oneself as this principle of giving to another as you would like to receive is stuff of simplicity – yet it holds the key to heaven on earth – as this is the simple realization we’ve all missed that has brought hell to earth instead.

Thus – walk with me – change yourself in moments where you see that you don’t consider why, where and how others are – and live in a way as how you would like others to live towards you.


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