Believe In Yourself = A Lie

There are those that say that if you only believe in yourself no obstacle is too great. If you only want it enough, then you’d be able to get it. They say this with such ease, smiling, and it sounds as if it’s actually so, but let’s look at the mathematics of this reality to see whether such a statement is in-fact true.

If you don’t have any money, and you’re not born with any, you have no education, experience, or worth to the economy at all – then you’re fucked. It doesn’t matter how much you believe in yourself, because what the economic system believe in is money, and that you lack. As such you won’t be able to do anything at all – you’re stuck, trapped, and have no chance of getting out of such a position.

Further, if you’re in a desert, and you have no water, no matter how you believe in yourself, you will not be able to manifest water from thin air. Water is acquired through a physical process of time, wherein you have to collect it in some manner in order to drink it – believing in yourself has got nothing to do with it.

What is more sometimes mentioned in this type of statement, as the “believe in yourself statement”, is that there is something inside you – some great force – that if you only give this all of your trust, magic things will happen. Your wish and desire will become true!

This statement, as the belief that there is something bigger, and more powerful than you out there, but also inside you, that will make everything you’ve dreamed of come true, if you only hope and desire for it enough, is also complete self-delusion – and as easily disproven with simple mathematics.

Because let’s take a look at how things work in the economic system of this world; herein you walk out to face other people in a competition for money – what will determine your destiny here isn’t a feeling inside of you, or your belief in yourself, but it’s your luck – as what people you happen to meet, as what education your parents gave you, what survival skills you we’re taught – this is what will determine your success in the system.

And this is easily provable – simply place a baby in the system, a blank arch, and imagine this baby believing in himself, and in the force inside of himself, to make something great out of his life – what would happen to him? Would he get a good job? Would he become rich? Who would he be?

The answer is that he would be at the hands of the system, with no ability to create anything out of himself, or his life, as he didn’t have any survival skills, or resources at all – and so he’s fucked.

This proves that the belief in yourself, and the apparent inner feeling of greatness are lies, and not in anyway responsible for your existence, your life, and how you come to experience yourself in life, it’s all about money – what family you were born in – and consequently what skills, and resources you were equipped with to handle the competition of the economic system.

Thus – delete the belief in the invisible god and realize that the real god is money


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