FAQ Who Will Be The Rubbish Removers In An Equal Money System?

So, let’s take a look at a fascinating point of the Equal Money System, which will differ from how our current money system operates – and the point is: who will remove the rubbish, the shit, and who will clean our streets in an Equal Money System? In other words – who’ll do the crappy jobs when there is no money as motivation?

In our current system the rubbish removers are seen as the lowest of the low, meaning that the stature, and position given to them by the grace of their profession is regarded as worth less in comparison to others. For example, a lawyer is seen as more successful, and valuable than what a rubbish remover is.

Consequently, because the profession of the rubbish remover is regarded to be the least important and valuable profession in society – nobody wants to do it. Instead everyone wants to become lawyers, doctors, musicians, and teachers – whatever profession that gives its practitioner a boost of both money and respect in society.

Though, as can be seen, not everyone hits the jackpot, and as such not everyone becomes lawyers, musicians, doctors, presidents and CEO’s – but still they will have to make money for themselves to survive; then they embrace the position of the rubbish remover. They unwillingly become the slaves of those that are successful in society, and remove their shit, in order to survive – because if they refused to be rubbish removers, they wouldn’t have any money, and as such they would die – because when you don’t have money in this reality = you die.

Thus – what can be concluded is that in our current money system, the so-called losers take on the position of being a rubbish remover, those that can’t achieve a highly paid and sought after job, find themselves to clean up the shit from those that are able to do so.

What can be seen is that the creation of a rubbish remover originates within survival, as the human being is forced to do something in order to have money, even if he doesn’t want to do it – then he becomes a rubbish remover. It’s as such not a job people seek to do due them enjoying to be a rubbish remover, or due to them enjoying the smell of rubbish, or due to them feeling that they make a good service to the rest of society – no – in plain: they are forced to do what they dislike in order to survive = they are in-fact slaves.

So, nobody wants to become a rubbish remover, due to the fact that you’re working with other peoples shit, it’s not challenging, it’s not fun, and there are other things you’d rather do – but still some become rubbish removers, and this is due to how our current money system operates, where you are forced to become a slave, and accept whatever is thrown at you, if you don’t have any money – money is god, and if you don’t have any, you’re dead.

What will then change in an Equal Money System? Will there still be rubbish removers in an Equal Money System? Because, in an Equal Money System all have the right to the basic necessities of life, each one’s survival is granted unconditionally, as such nobody will have to force themselves out of bed each morning to take up others shit – so the others can spend their time playing lawyers, doctors, or CEO’s instead.

Fear of survival will disappear as the constant need of all to acquire money for their continued existence will evaporate, thus – very few, or none at all, will choose to become a rubbish remover, as there are other things they’d rather do with their time, than to clean up after others.

We then get a society where there is no rubbish removers anymore, because none are forced to become a slave in order to survive, and as such the lawyers, doctors, and the “successful” people of the system, will suddenly, and with quite a chock see and realize the utmost importance of the rubbish remover in their life. As suddenly rubbish won’t anymore magically disappear, but it will stock up in piles, and spread diseases, smells, and give room for rats to breed, eat, and multiply.

Consequently we’ll all be forced to take responsibility for our own shit, to realize that the problem of rubbish and shit is not to be dumped upon slaves, manipulated and created through the use of money, but that it’s a community responsibility to keep the streets, homes, and cities clean. And we have to together clean our streets, empty public trash cans, and mop our floors – or face the music, which is mankind swimming in it’s own shit.

Thus – in an Equal Money System, where wage slavery ends, the profession of the rubbish remover will also end, and instead each and everyone will have to take responsibility for their own shit, and the community will have to learn what it in-fact takes to keep a city clean, and how much time and effort that goes into removing rubbish, and taking care of the practical side-effects of living.

Because if we look at it, the rubbish remover is in-fact one of the most important professions that exists for a societies continued functionality – without rubbish removers there will be disease, there will be shit everywhere on the streets, there will be smell, you’d have to push you door open with a hard body tackle, due to all the shit that lies in it’s way – in short: the rubbish remover has been taken for granted!

In an Equal Money System we will have to take self-responsibility, and some professions, that has no practical relevance what so ever when the chase for money disappears, such as lawyers, CEO’s, and stock brokers, will cease to exist – then we can instead spend time upon the real practical issues of this reality, such as taking care of our direct environment, through removing the shit that we produce. This would mean that the need for a rubbish remover profession cease to exist, as we take responsibility for our own rubbish, and learn to take care of our world together, and by ourselves individually.

To sum up – who will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System? Who will do the crappy jobs? Answer: We Will! We as the group take care of our common reality, giving as we would like to receive, not anymore dependent upon money in order to have it to be clean around us.


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