FAQ In An Equal Money System, What Happens to the Vatican and the Pope?

So, let’s take a look at the fascinating question of: “What happens to the Vatican and the pope in an Equal Money System?”

Well, let’s first look at the very origin, and reason for the existence of the Vatican, and the pope – they are creations of religious belief, more specifically, the belief in Jesus Christ, eternal salvation, heaven and father god. In all plainness, the belief in such mental creations is in-fact delusional, and would in an Equal Money System be treated as a mental illness.

It would be treated and seen as a mental illness due to the complete nonsense of such a belief, and herein I use the word “non-sense” very specifically, as the construct of religious beliefs is in-fact not based upon what you can touch, see, and experience here within and as the physical through your senses – but it’s dependent upon the participation in thoughts, emotional experiences, and religious indoctrination, as here-say. There is no substance in the construct of religious beliefs, and it holds no value to humanity at all, as it doesn’t serve to perfect, and enhance man’s ability to live and express himself.

Instead, religious belief serves to have man cover in hope, in irresponsibility, as he hopes that god will take care of everything, and that there is a heaven after this life, which then means that this earth, and all it’s inhabitants, is of no real value, or worth, as it’s the afterlife that is important – apparently. Thus, man is through religious dogmas stimulated into a position of ineffective intellectual capabilities, ineffective self-movement skills, and ineffective self-expression skills, as all attention is placed upon a mere fictional creation of the mind, instead of this physical reality, and our common socialization, and participation within it.

Thus. Religion in its current form, within which the manifestations of the Vatican and the pope adhere, would not be allowed to exist in a Equal Money System – it would instead be exposed as the crime against life that it in-fact is, as it doesn’t serve in anyway to create a reality that is best for all – and that is a crime against life.

Further, if we look at how money, and our reality of competition, is responsible for people joining religions to begin with, as people seek to find meaning, peace, and comfort in this life, looking for somewhere to belong, often ending up in a religion, it’s thus easy to see and understand that when our current money system of and as competition end, people will be less inclined to gravitate towards religious practices. The reason being that the Equal Money System would offer individuals, in reality, for real, in the physical, peace, meaning and comfort.

And if heaven is already here, and you experience yourself fulfilled, at ease, comfortable, fearless, and in full trust of yourself – then why would you ever want to create a imaginary dimension in your mind, containing some higher purpose, and some promised greater reality that is beyond this one; you would be content here, satisfied here – then obviously no need to run away into “the safety” of your mind would exist. Instead you’d like to spend all your time in this real, physical reality, as it’s in-fact offering an experience of heaven.

So, to sum things up – there are two reasons that I can see as to why the Vatican and the pope, and religion, would cease to exist in an Equal Money System. (1) We would not accept and allow anything to be taught, and lived in society that would produce a end result of a in-effective human being, and as such a consequential outflow of harmful and ignorant actions taken – religion is such a in-effective concept that doesn’t add any worth, value, or practical living skill to a human being – it’s simply a waste of time and space, and serves but to make the human being delinquent and incapable of utilizing common sense as the foundation of decision making.

(2) In an Equal Money System, heaven would be here in every breath, as such you wouldn’t have to hope for a heaven to arrive, and you wouldn’t want to escape from this current reality due to any experience of fear, discomfort, or uncertainty – as this reality would offer a paradise of support, trust, and excellence. Heaven would in-fact be on earth, and who got time for excursions into the mind, developing and creating a fictional belief of a god, when one can express and live a cool life here? Answer: nobody!

Thus, the need for, and the origin of religion would cease to exist in an Equal Money System – and instead of having in-effective, and untrustworthy living skills being taught, as religion, common sense would become the guiding principle of all.


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