FAQ Cars In An Equal Money System – Who Will Make Them And Who Will Get Them?

There will still be cars in an Equal Money System, yet there won’t be a array of different brands, standards, price classes and variations – there will be one single type of car – the best car available; the conscription force of the Equal Money System will be responsible of building the cars.

Whether each and every citizen of an Equal Money System will have his or her own car is still not certain, the question that will be asked, and answered in order to determine such a point will be, is it necessary? Is it what’s best for all? There won’t be the same urge in an Equal Money System for all to have their own car – the reason being that in an Equal Money System interaction, communication, and neighborly love between humans will expand – as such fewer will want to drive around in a car all the time, when there is more fun things to do.

Though at the moment, what’s certain is that there will be cars, and these cars will be located at various logistic points, where you go and get your car, when you’re in need of one. As such, you’ll get yourself the car you acquire, and then you’d be free to go where you wanted to go – around the world? Or too your mothers uncle in the neighbor town? That is up to you.

Obviously the cars with the least environmental damaging wastages will be used – and cars will be made to give the best protection possible to it’s passengers, as accidents will still happen, though in an Equal Money System, accidents will be less devastating – as all cars will be the best when it comes to protection.

Further, all alcoholic beverages will be banned – which will have a major effect on the car traffic; less people will die by the hands of drunken drivers – as drunk driving will be seen and understood for what it really is – attempt at murder – as you by your full senses, by drinking, take a decision that will decrease your ability to drive a car, and such rise the likelihood of you harming someone – that is murder if you then kill someone, or at least attempt at murder when you don’t.

Thus, in an Equal Money System, you’ll be protected from being harmed due to a decision that isn’t in anyway your own – such as a drunk harming you, or your family – through driving recklessly and without any consideration. You hade no part in the decision to drink – and as such the decision to drink isn’t a free choice, as it wasn’t free for all – but for those that become affected, and harmed by such a decision – they never made that choice. Alcohol will as such be banned as the devastating and dangerous drug that it in-fact is.

As for the choices to be done in terms of what role cars will play in our future – and how this point will become more specifically placed, this will be a decision made by the group as one – wherein humanity come together and make a decision upon the basis of what is best for all – considering all the relevant points.


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