FAQ Will I have to pay for the daycare/nursery of my child? Does a daycare/nursery still exist?

In an Equal Money System you won’t have to pay for anything, ever again – all that you require and need in order to live a fulfilled and effective life, will be there, supplied for you, unconditionally – that is in living action the benevolence and support as principles that the Equal Money System is based upon; in short – what is best for all, will be available to all – regardless.

As such – if it’s best for all that a nursery and daycare still exist – this will be available. As I see it – the daycare is a cool place for a child to spend time in, it’s fun to meet other children, and it’s exciting to play and have fun in the supportive environment of nurses – that are able to watch over, and socialize with the children.

Currently, most parents place their children at a daycare, and nursery due to the fact that they have to earn money each day, and spend several hours at work – this will not be so in an Equal Money System, because here you’ll not need to anymore fight, struggle, and spend your time slaving away at a job – as all that you need to live an effective and fulfilled life will be supplied too you unconditionally – you won’t anymore need to earn your right to live – your right to a fulfilled and complete life-experience will be here as a fact simply because your born.

Thus, children will spend more time with their parents instead of being at a daycare or nursery – yet the nursery and daycare will still exist as a center of interaction and socialization between children, as well as parents – where newly made parents can meet and discuss their experiences and learn from each other.

Further – the nursery can exist as a place of education to the parents, where nurses or daycare personnel, as people that truly enjoy and live to express themselves together and with children, are able to share their insights and realizations in regards to how to effectively support children – the daycare will be as a point of coming together for both children and parents, wherein all can have fun, interact, and have a good time together.

Though, nursery as a place where you dump your children, to get to be alone at work, won’t anymore exist – parents will now have time to be parents instead of slaves.

As such the children, as well as the parents, will truly be supported and assisted to develop a cool relationship with each-other, and at the same time expand and grow themselves to become more fulfilled and worthy beings – truly satisfied with themselves and the life that they lead; as beings that are in-fact living self-perfection in every breath, expressing themselves as life as who they are.


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