Corporate Hate and The Revolutionary

Today I am going to explain the deception of corporate hate, which is the idea of “them against us” – or “the rich versus the poor” – or “capitalism versus Joe Doe” – the idea that something is being done to us by the mystical “other” – that is usually pictured as a rich CEO, or a successful business mogul.

To further describe this idea of corporate hate – here is a citation from the movie Fight Club:

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate, so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

In this statement, what can be seen is that the responsibility of us chasing cars, working jobs we hate, and buying shit we don’t need is placed upon – advertising. And what does advertising symbolize in this statement? It symbolizes “the other” – “the one in control” – “the system”.

In essence what the mentality of corporate hate is focused upon is – fighting “the system” – “fuck the system” – fighting that unnamable something, that springs from places apparently unknown, wreaking havoc upon the world – “the evil system”.

Examples of groups that are involved with corporate hate is Zeitgeist, the Venus Project, An0nymous, Occupy Wall Street – these groups have one focus in their application, and that is – “changing the system” – yet from the starting point of believing that they themselves are not apart of the system, but a innocent and righteous breath of fresh air – ready to defeat the evil dragon of capitalism and save the world.

What is to be questioned in terms of the application and movement of these groups that are involved with corporate hate is – have they had any success?
Have they in-fact made any change to this reality as it currently exists?

Let’s take a look at some previous corporate haters in the weaves of history to see whether this mentality is in-fact beneficial or not – let’s visit – “the hippies”.

The hippie movement was created in the sixties and it proclaimed “freedom” – “free sex” – and “drugs” – and the youth of this time protested and rallied against “the system” – it was a leftist wave the swept over the western world – people became politically active – they created opinions – and they we’re “freeing” themselves – yet – what happened to this movement? Why are we not free today?

As can be seen by the example of Christiania – a small hippie town in Copenhagen that promotes free drugs – nothing happened – except that the hippies got old; “the system” on the other hand continued to live on – I wonder what went wrong, why didn’t the hippies march to freedom work? Why wasn’t “the system” abolished? What was in-fact missed?

In Libya, in Egypt, in Tunisia – we have had “revolutions” – in Paris during the 19th centaury we hade a “revolution” – such a event implies people apparently standing up towards “the system” – demanding a change – which always results in numerous deaths; but does anything change?

After the revolution in France – where the words freedom, brotherhood and equality were used as the slogan of the revolutionaries – war broke out on a massive scale as Napoleon attempted to dress Europe up in a French flag – his reign ended in waterloo together with the life’s of thousands of soldiers – was this the fruit revolution?

Then we have Che Guevara, and Fidel Castro – two revolutionaries in Cuba that during the 1960’s brought “freedom” to people through communism – this “freedom” have resulted in the initiation of USA trade embargos towards the small country – is this the fruit of revolution?

Then obviously – we have the famous Russian revolution during the beginning of the 20th centaury – which led to communism and Stalinism – during this period many millions died in so called work camps, and political executions – is this the fruit of revolution?

No matter how we look through the ages of time – we can see that revolution – as the public outrage of  “us against them” – hasn’t ever worked – revolutions – violence – war – rage – hate – and anger hasn’t ever lead to the creation of a new reality; neither will An0nymous be able to create a new reality – neither will Occupy Wall Street be able to create a new reality – neither will Zeitgeist be able to create a new reality – neither will the Venus Project be able to create a new reality – as they are all based upon blame – upon hate – corporate hate – before we hated the king and the queen – the parliament or the people in power – now we hate the corporation – times change yet the roles remain the same.

A characteristic that can be recognized in the revolutionary mentality – the corporate hate mentality – is the desire to have it be done fast; thinking, “One swift stroke of righteousness and anger will clear this mess out!” – “we march to the Parliament and throw stones, that will make it all well!” – “Off with their heads!” – and within these actions that are taken, the general accepted belief is that there will in-fact be change – but when we look at these actions in common sense we must ask ourselves, how could we have created such a ridiculous belief?

How will throwing stones towards the parliament change the general and accepted mentality of those in power? I mean – they, as well as everyone else, make decisions from a starting point of self-interest and survival – how will their insight and application in anyway be supported to expand through stones being thrown at them? Do stones offer a solution – a new reality – a new and clear practical roadmap as to how/where/why/when/what we are to create a new world? No obviously it doesn’t – and neither does chopping heads off, neither does a swift stroke off righteousness and anger – such actions will only but perpetuate the accepted nature of man as being without mercy, without consideration, and without humility – and here we finally arrive to the core point – the reason as to why nothing change through revolutions – the rabbit in the hat – what is that we are forgetting?

It’s WE!

It’s OUR accepted and allowed nature!

It’s how YOU and ME live in our daily lives!

It’s not about THEM!

It’s not about THAT!

It’s not about HIM or HER!

This is what is missed, and this is why no revolution is, have and will never been successful – this is why corporate hate won’t ever lead to anything more but more hatred – more spitefulness – more revenge – more anger – more harmful actions – this is why there is no forgiveness – no consideration – no actual warmth and care coming forth – it’s all about BLAME – and it makes us LAME – it’s makes us BLA BLA BLA ME ME ME – talking and talking but no self-responsibility is ever taken – never is to point brought back to self.

We can dedicate our lives to blaming – we can blame the corporations – yet we won’t see that our pensions, life insurances, and savings are the life-blood of their existence.

We can blame the monarch – yet we won’t see that we define ourselves according to our nationality, feel proud when the national anthem is played, and secretly despise people of other nationalities.

We can blame the politicians – and those in power – yet we won’t see that we spend our own life’s only living to satisfy our own desires – finding the perfect relationship – creating money for ourselves – creating the perfect career – never ever considering to live and implement a change in this reality – how can we then expect our leaders to do this?

The problem we face is ourselves – this problem will take TIME, EFFORT, DEDICATION, PATIENCE, DILIGENCE and COMMITMENT to sort out – and nobody will do it for us – we face our own self-interested and corrupt nature – and it’s this very nature of ourselves that is the foundation and cause of this reality as we currently see and experience it – this is why nothing will ever change through revolutions, or through hammering down upon corporations – that is not in-fact the problem – that is but a outflow, a consequence, a repercussion of our individual, accepted and allowed nature.

We make up this reality – individual by individual – 1+1 – and the way we live in our daily life’s becomes the foundation of the system – we as a collective – all of us are responsible for how this reality currently looks – and the only way to change is to in-fact change ourselves – from self-interest to considering life – from fear to living care – from ego to living humility – from superiority to living clarity and insight – this is the only way out from this hell.

We know what must be done – now let’s do it – and let’s not stop until it’s in-fact done – the last revolution of them all is the revolution of us taking self-responsibility – a real self-revelation – revealing the perfection of EQUALITY and ONENESS as living WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL.



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