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I started my first blog in 2008 – looking at what I’ve written back then is interesting – and hilarious – as I was really quite an expert in completely immersing myself in various ideas, delusions and concepts – what’s that called with another name? Oh yeah – being a human! LOL –

Anyway – it’s four years ago now since I started writing my blogs, and it has assisted me immensely in getting myself out from my mind, and back into reality – and looking back at my first posts – it’s clear to see that I’ve changed fundamentally.

In the beginning when I started to write, making blogs was my point of lashing out and exertion – when I was writing I could go haywire and just let all of the nasty stuff out without no regard or consideration – though what I missed within this application was the fact that I am in-fact the words that I am writing – and I mean, if I write that I feel confused, lost, and delusional in 20 blogs following after each other, I mean it’s not strange that this is the way I will experience myself as well.

Thus – after my period of lashing out in blogs, and using them as my platform of simply going crazy, I started to direct the words as myself, and write self-directed – which means that I started to write myself out, and at the same time create myself as the words I was writing – if I would notice that I would experience myself as confused and lost, I wouldn’t simply write – “oh I experience myself so confused and lost!” No then I would push myself to look within me as to a solution to be lived, to end my experience of myself as confused and lost – I mean, in what way was I confused and lost? Was there some type of practical issue in my reality that needed direction? And then according to what I would see, as I asked myself such and other similar questions, I would place a correction for myself, and a direction as to how I would live from that point onwards.

To get to that stage of writing myself out took a long time, because I was a slow learner, and I didn’t write as much as I could’ve done – and also due to the nature of laziness that I’d developed, I never really took the time required to sit and write myself out properly, and correct myself, in the specificity that was needed. Though, after lots of mistakes and errors – I made it to the point of realizing the importance of writing self-directed.

Then – we arrive at the third stage of my development as a self-honesty author, which is the stage I currently find myself in, wherein I am now writing in order to assist and support others, and also to develop my understanding and insight in regards to how this current system functions – my maturing in terms of writing has been a process of accumulation, wherein I’ve in essence become less and less self-interested oriented in my writings, and more and more developed writing as a way of asserting myself as principle, developing myself as principle, and also expanding myself in my current application of myself as principle – so – I am at the moment still busy with this project of self-expansion, and will be for the rest of my life – none are free until all free.

Anyway – let me now get to the point, and the essence of this short article, and herein it will become clear why I’ve taken you through a short journey of my blogging adventures and realizations – see I didn’t walk this project of blogging myself to freedom alone – no I walked with a group – Desteni – and together we’ve pushed ourselves, developed, and expanded ourselves to become effective and self-directed individuals – able to write in a clear and comprehensive manner, for all to understand and enjoy – yes – we might actually be author-gods – *wink* – *wink*.

So – we’ve collected some of our best blogs in a book called Freedom Blogs – The Birth Of Practivism – Volume 1 – this is as such the book wherein you’ll follow the Destonians we push ourselves to expand, willing ourselves to put our fingers on that keyboard and write out that article – oh yes – it’s not easy to walk the process – it’s resistance upon resistance – point upon point – yet still – here we stand and show this book as the result of our labor – and I mean – this book simply can’t be missed out upon.

And I promise you that haven’t ever read anything alike that of the Destonian writings – it’s simply a new way of writing, and that isn’t very strange as we present a new way of living – a practical way – a way wherein all can be free – and hence the name of the book – Freedom Blogs: The Birth Of Practivism.

So – make yourself the owner of the book – click here – and enjoy some late nights in the bed following the adventures of the Destonians – as they push themselves no matter what – regardless – until it’s done.

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