2012 And The Awakening of Buddha

Ram Bahadur Bomjon was born in Nepal 1990 and began meditating under a tree during 2005 – and here he remained for one year – sitting still and meditating. This feat made him famous, and suddenly he was a tourist attraction – and people came from all-over to witness this “miraculous” event take place before their eyes: Ram was given the name “Buddha-Boy”; now it’s the year of 2012 and Rams disciplined – and perceived ascension is still going on – while the world remains but a place of suffering and misery.

It’s fascinating how the feat of sitting down under a tree – breathing – can be given such enormous attention, and be see as a good, and marvelous thing to do, as well as be interpreted as an action that in someway promotes and gives way to solving the problems of this world; while in-fact it’s but someone sitting down in-under a tree – breathing.

The fact that this event has been given so much attention proves one fact – man is in-fact pre-preprogrammed to be ignorant and unable to live by common sense – because let’s look at what change this action of sitting down meditating in-fact creates – physically – practically – here – the answer is: nothing what-so-ever.

The action of meditation is useless – it brings forth no change – it brings forth no insight – it brings forth no common sense – it brings forth no solution – in-fact the action of meditation is the symbol of separation as personality – as one through the act of meditation disregard and ignore the physical reality of living within this system – interacting with others – speaking – and moving oneself with everything else that is here – and instead one sit down – and simply sit – shutting one’s eyes – shutting out everything that is here within the hope and desire to ascend into Buddha-hood.

The act of meditation is done from within the starting point of pursuing a inner goal of evolution – to become a master – to feel good – to feel outside and not a part of this existence anymore – but instead “transcended” – “ascended” = the epitome of self-righteousness.

And Buddha is the figurine, and symbol that stand as the ultimate desire – to achieve Nirvana – but what is Nirvana but the complete separation from what is here? A experience, and existence “free from pain” – “free from the birth, and re-birth of the wheel of life” – a existence of and as separation as one perceive oneself to be of a higher, noble, and more deserving form than everything else that is here in this reality, and this existence.

Buddha was in-fact the most egoistical man ever to exist – he only sat under a tree and meditated – walked around and spoke to people about how to “free yourself” – never was a word uttered as to changing the economic system of this world, which is the very core as to most of the suffering and hardship the exists in this world. Buddha was only concerned about himself, his peace, his well-being and his ascension – and the rest of the world he regarded as but “illusion”.

Spirituality is the peak of ego as it’s focus lie completely upon the inner reality of each one – wherein the reality that we all share – this physical reality – is disregarded and shunned as illusion.

In the quest for enlightenment men put themselves through the most antagonizing stunts – they fast for months – refuse to drink water – sit outside in harsh weather conditions attempting to have their mind control matter and as such not be influenced by the conditions of this physical reality that is here – but what does the body think about such a practice? Is the body ever considered by the oh-so all-mighty mind that seeks it’s enlightenment?

Wouldn’t maybe the body of Ram Bahadur Bomjon like to have some fresh water, a warm meal, wash itself clean and run around in the woods? Why doesn’t the body get a say in terms of its host’s self-glorifying attempts to reach a reality that exists separate from everything and everyone else?

Spirituality – enlightenment – and all practices of inner development is the fuck-you to the rest of existence – to the animals – to the trees – to the bugs – to each and every single individual that daily walk in this reality supplying human beings with food – air – and clean water – it’s the fuck-you that states “I am more than this physical reality – I am spiritual – I am a energy – I am more than this!”

Yet – this physical reality is more advanced than what we as mind have ever been, or can ever be – a body can function consequently for more than 80 years – never does the heart stop beating – never is a breath missed – never does the toe-nails forget to grow – never does the saliva run dry – never does eye-lids forget to blink. Our body is a master-piece of engineering – and nature that each and every day – consistently and without failure – supply rain – supply nourishment – supply warmth – is a structural composition that we as mind can’t even begin to fathom the complexity and intricacy of; we’re as mind in-fact so utterly limited in comparison to what is here as the physical – and our self-glorifying attempt to reach a place a part from what is here – as that which in-fact gives us access to life and living – proves this fact; we do not even see what it is that were given unconditionally everyday.

Spirituality is the lack of humbleness – it’s an inflated ego living out superiority as believing itself to be something more than this reality – this physical existence – that we all share.

Mankind must become kind – man is the problem of this world – and meditation is not the solution – re-education is the solution – participation – discussion – and movement towards a reality that is in-fact best for all is the solution – we can’t change what is here through escaping into a inner reality of bliss – and we can’t escape from what is here – because what is here is ourselves, as our accumulated disregard for what is best for all.

Thus – don’t aim to become a Buddha-Boy – aim towards developing yourself to become a trustworthy individual that consider all aspects of living and not only a illusionary desire of reaching somewhere – investigate Desteni – investigate Equal Money – and let’s practically – physically – move ourselves to become free – a freedom wherein everything and everyone is in-fact free – not only ourselves.


4 thoughts on “2012 And The Awakening of Buddha

  1. Jason Thomas

    The buddha boy was once again found being violent. in the Himalayan Times News, Buddha Boy Turns Violent, Thrashes siblings. Amazing, you may never trust anyone professing world peace. They are usually full of violence and deception. 6 years meditating in the jungle and he is just as violent as anyone else. how sad.


    1. Viktor Persson Post author

      Only change that is measurable and consistent over time is trustworthy – and no such change have ever flowed from meditating for peace – only passitivty, waiting, idolizing which turns into hope – but not actual change


  2. sean

    The word Tantra essentially means weave in Snaskrit.It draws no distinction between the most base material and the “spiritual”.Without humility the whole “spiritual”trip is a sham.The Bodhisattva Vow is meant to be taken seriously.Anyone acting selfishly,in the name of spirituality or not has failed to realise how all things are connected..on a fundamental and more temporal levels.I agree about Budha Boy..whole things a mess.


    1. Viktor Persson Post author

      Spirituality is and will always be sham – the only point that is valid is solutions that establish measurable results as what is best for all; this can be found in the tools that Desteni presents – there are people that stands as proof of the effectiveness of these tools – investigate the Destonian Witness Blogs



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