2012 Cancer Is Good For The Economy

I find the dichotomy of our current money system so utterly fascinating in all it’s delusional glory and gore – it’s really so that I am baffled and stunned each time that something new is revealed to me as to the complete ludicrousness of the functionality of money in our current system. I’m in-fact realizing that I exist in a madness asylum, where everyone around me is totally mad, and the primary point of their madness exist within them believing themselves to be sane – walking around, speaking, and directing themselves through financial terms and ideas of “growth”, “profit”, “GDP”, “free market” – believing themselves to be living with and through intellectual, and sane moral standards – not seeing the obvious fact – that they are destroying everything around them.

The latest find, and proof in my research as to the ludicrousness of our current economic system is – the cancer business. This story takes it’s beginning with a certain man – Stanislaw Burzynski. He was born in the year of 1943 in Poland and graduated with an M.D degree with distinction – and in 1968 he received his doctorate. In the year of 1973 he was admitted to practice medicine in the United States, and in 1984 he started his own research institute – wherein he started to produce, and develop a treatment for cancer, which he called antineoplastons.

Now – what is then so special about this Burzynski, and how come this is the proof of the ludicrousness, and self-destructiveness of our current money system? The secret lies in Burzynskis invention – the so-called antineoplastons.

What is then antineoplastons? Well – it’s a medicine that Burzynski has developed, specifically for the purpose of treating cancer, which unlike traditional cancer treatment – such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment – doesn’t leave the patient with any severe adverse effect. There is no loss of hair, no depression of the immune system, there is no fatigue, no tendency to bleed easily, no nausea or vomiting.

So, we’ve thus far clarified that Burzynskis medicine is superior to its conventional counterparts in terms of adverse effects – but what about the healing effect it has on cancer?

Amazingly enough, Burzynskis medicine has proven to cure, up until that point –believed to be – incurable brain-cancer deceases – even the most aggressive, feared and lethal tumors have successfully been removed with antineoplastons – in clinical, and documented trials – and on top of that – with success rates that amaze even the most initiated, and rugged scholars in the field; seemingly this is a break-through in cancer research that would have a great effect in the world and life’s of many, many cancer-stricken humans – a revolution really.

I mean, think of it, almost everyone know someone that has died of, or at least been a victim to cancer. My grandmother died from cancer, and I remember that she went through all these treatments and operations; she lost her hair, and one of her breasts was removed through an operation, because it was infected with cancer. To treat my grandmother with antineoplastons would’ve helped to avoid much suffering, and maybe she would’ve even been alive today.

Thus, isn’t it fascinating that this amazing discovery, that most of us can see how it would’ve been able to effect and make a difference in our personal lives, is still a secret? Did you know of antineoplastons before you read this article? My guess is that you didn’t know of these antineoplastons, because just until recently I also had no idea of the existence of this revolutionary medicine – it’s strange huh? One would think that this medicine, that answers the prayers of so many, that fulfills the objective of so many cancer-fundraising organizations, would be launched out on the markets as fast as possible – I mean – isn’t there a demand for this medicine? What about this theory of supply and demand? How come this medicine is a secret?

And herein I will reveal how this particular man – Stanislow Burzinski – and his revolutionary medicine – stands as the proof of how our current system of money is dysfunctional, and in a lack of a better word – fucked up!

Since Burzinski discovered his antineoplastons, and made it known to the world, or at least the medicinal community, that he’d achieved what was thought to be impossible, he’s been in “legal trouble” – about four times he’s be summoned to court – this due to a relentless onslaught from the FDA – the Food and Drug Administration (United States government organ) – claiming that Burzynski fail the requirements of various laws and regulations.

The Texas Medical Board have harassed Burzynski for several years through various state-administrative means, and ended up with bringing Burzynski to the Texas Supreme court – wherein Burzynski won; much thanks to the convincing, and emotional testimonials from his former patients – that undoubtedly have had positive effects from the use of his medicine.

So, why is it that Stanislow Burzynski is fought in legal battles, fought by the medicinal community, fought by the Texas Medical Board, and fought by FDA; there are no good intentions what-so-ever behind the attacks on Burzynski – what’s in-fact happening is that Burzynski is attacked because of greed.

Yes – in essence it’s all about the money – Dr. Ralph Moss, which is a veterinary author on the subject, shares the following:

”[Conventional cancer treatment is] big money. You have to understand that cancer is 1/9th of the overall health budget in the United States. The last figures I have seen from the American Cancer Society of money spent on cancer indirectly or directly at 107 Billion dollars. … Cancer: we are talking about well over a million [new] cases a year, not counting skin cancer which probably equals that.

… About 630,000 people die every year of cancer in the US, and it really is an epidemic disease. We have got a tremendous industry. Every one of those people who is getting cancer and dying of it is going to be treated, and these treatments are extremely expensive. Chemo is tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bone marrow transplantation which is basically another way of giving chemotherapy or radiation can run to about 150,000 dollars per person, and is almost never effective. It kills about 25%.. [Why carry on doing it?]” Dr. Ralph Moss on Chemotherapy, Laetrile, Coley’s Toxins, Burzynski, & Cancer Politics, Laura Lee radio show, 1994

See – it’s easy to understand why the medicinal community – such as big pharmaceutical companies – would resist the findings of Burzynski – he’s found the very treatment that makes them all jobless; but it’s more difficult to understand why the FDA would fight, and attempt to discredit the practices of Burzynski – I mean isn’t the FDA a “public” organization, and as such should work for the public, and not for profit incentives?

Well – the answer is obvious – the FDA is corrupted – it’s paid money from the pharmaceutical companies in order to have their drugs be accepted, and let out on the United States market; thus what we have here is a massive monopoly of money, that one man – Stanislow Burzynski – with his innovative medicine is at the risk of breaking down – and this is the sole reason as to why the antineoplastons are fought, challenged, and resisted at every corner – even though the present a far more effective treatment than currently available.

And herein we come to the revelation as to why our current money system is a dichotomy – and how the story of Burzynski stands as proof as to the lunacy of capitalism  – see – the medicinal industry promote themselves as helping people – while in-fact – what they do, and what they are interested in is to make lot’s of money. They resist new drugs, potentially more effective than anything before, because such a drug would seriously injure their position on the market; thus the fight a medicine that would be able to cure people from cancer. As such the pharmaceutical companies intention and real agenda is in actuality in completely reversed from how they present themselves to the world – while they attempt to appear benevolent and caring – all they do is done for money, which is real evil.

This is the consequence of capitalism, the is the consequence of competition – people become possessed with survival, and start making decisions from the isolated, and ignorant position within themselves of greed – they don’t care about the patients, they don’t care about the medicines – they care about money! And because we’ve in capitalism have something that is called a “free-market” – which in essence means that those not tough enough to face the competition – and win – are fucked over; and people will do anything, and everything to remain financially strong, and competitive – even if this means that a few hundred thousand cancer patients must die.

And this is the proof that our current system of money is insane, and ludicrous – how can we willingly participate in a system, in which people are deliberately killed for money? And how can we have the audacity to call our human endeavor, as us discovering more and more effective ways to produce and consume, and us as such ending up in the industrialized revolution, an evolution? Is killing each other for money evolution? Is poising our waters evolution? Is killing in the name of greed evolution? We’ve surely miss-placed the true meaning of evolution if we believe that this is the case.

The fact of the matter is the Burzynski has patented his medicine, which makes it difficult for others to re-produce it – the fact of the matter is the Burzynski isn’t helped in anyway by his fellow government, or other medicinal corporations to further develop his medicine – and all of this is done for the sake of MONEY; and who will end up suffering for this stupidity? We all are!

We’ve become brainwashed to exist as greedy robots – we’ve become brainwashed to believe that capitalism is working, and that it’s a acceptable system – we’ve become brainwashed to believe that competition is cool, and actually assists with the development of mankind – we’ve been brainwashed to believe that money is more important than life – all in all our current status of being can be summed up in – we’ve been fucking brainwashed!

Thus – I suggest a new system – because if we don’t change, we’re in for some big shit – and the fact that our cancer treatment will be completely ineffective is but one of our problems – we face a complete, and total meltdown of our current system – simply due to the reason that we’ve based our living upon greed – a way of living that can’t be sustained.

The answer is an Equal Money System – wherein we can finally lay aside our cumbersome struggle to win at all costs, to survive at all costs, and instead do something that is of benefit to ourselves, as well as everyone else. It’s time for us to create a world that is in-fact – cool – and enjoyable to live in.

The story of Burzynski proves that our current money system brings forth nothing but pure evil – let’s make this stop – a new world is possible.

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