2012 The Dream For A Job And A High Income

While walking a education in the university, you’re able to at every corner see the true meaning, and purpose as to the “why” you’re walking your education. The university and teachers want to present the idea, and belief that the university education is walked in order to “gain knowledge” – “learn to think critically” – “grow and develop your character” – but that isn’t true at all.

As I’ve walked my studies now, for quite some time, I’ve come to see that most students dislike their studies and find it to be boring – not many that I’ve met have been interested in “gaining knowledge”, neither “learn to think critically” or “grow and develop their personality” – yet still they have kept on studying relentlessly – why?

The answer as to why people choose to study at university is clear – it’s to get a job – and this complete obsession with getting a job is able to be seen everywhere in the student-world, in every student-magazine you can see the articles about: “how to get the right contacts” – “how to make your employer want to have you” – “how to nail the job-interview” – I mean it’s everything about getting a job. It’s in-fact everything about making money – and the fact that people mostly dislike doing what it is that they’re doing in order to get there – their studies – isn’t really considered at all, but that’s the reality of it.

Thus – if we look at this current set-up, as how we go to a university in order to get our exam, so that we can then get a job, and then make money – all the time not doing anything for ourselves, but only to be able to assure ourselves a future wherein we – at the end of the day – have sufficient with money – where able to see that something is very, very wrong – because what is that is missing from our lives, our direction, movement and our daily application? It’s ourselves!

And this is why our current money system is ineffective and abusive – because no matter what we do, we must always make sure that we take into consideration “having a job” – as in “having money” – and within this we compromise ourselves, as we do things we really do not want to spend our time doing, and we walk educations without ever having any real interest in our studies, and we arrive at jobs where we do not feel any passion towards what it is that we’re doing. This is the sickness of our current money system – of apparent free will and free choice – that in the end turns out to be nothing but a prison, and a limitation that constricts how we live our lives – because all we do is done for money.

And since we’re young and placed into school – we begin to follow – we follow what the teachers tell us – we follow what our parents tell us – and we learn to follow the money wherever it goes – and all the while we are following, we never stop to question what it is that we’re in-fact doing, and what it is that we are giving our time to, and why it is that we are doing what we’re doing – we simply seek that light, as the job – the money – at the end of the tunnel.

Obviously within such an application of ourselves the world will remain as it’s always been, as we will simply follow the money wherever it goes, we’ll follow the suggestions of the employer, we’ll follow the suggestions of our professor – because we know that this is how we’ll get our hands on the money – but what about ourselves? Why is that we automatically, and without any question, assumes that this is how life must be? How come we assume that we have no say in the movement of the world system? How come we think that we have no say in terms of how our current system should be designed and constructed, and how we should experience our lives within that? Are we brainwashed to see ourselves as incapable, inferior and useless in regards to changing this system?

I mean – there is something wrong when each individual that goes to study does so – not for the studies themselves – but in order to satisfy a future employer – there is no life in that – there is no living in that – that is instead a hidden form of slavery, wherein you give your life up in order to get to be bought, and “employed” – to perform the tasks you’re instructed to perform.

It’s so very clear that our current system doesn’t offer any type of real and actual freedom – there is no actual individuality – we’re all simply followers, that follow the money wherever it will go – and in that we give up upon ourselves, and we accept life as it is, because we believe there is nothing more, and that nothing can be done.

But there is an solution – and there is another way to live – a way in which all will be able to choose their life’s, choose to follow their passions, and in-fact live their life as a individual – as self-direction – instead of simply following the money. This solution is called the Equal Money System – and it’s main-purpose is to remove survival from the minds of men, and woman – so that we instead can place our focus upon in-fact experiencing, and exploring ourselves in this reality – and really getting to know ourselves. I mean, we’re so caught up in money and the survival game that we’ve never even explored ourselves in terms of what it is that we’d like to do, and how it is we’d like to do it – our life is since a very small age directed to become a part of this current money system – where we must do the tasks assigned to us – because else we won’t receive any money.

Thus – the Equal Money System opens up the opportunity for us to get to know ourselves – and to in-fact choose studies that we do because we’re passionate about our subjects – not because we’re following the money.

Featured Art Work by Ann Van Den Broek

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