2012 Democracy Is The Key To Freedom

The way to change this world rests in politics and as has been proven by activists through out the centuries – no change will ever come through refusing to partake in the political scene while only focusing upon “resisting” the “badness” of the government.

Through voting we elect officials and as such invest them with the power to make decisions for the entirety of society – these decisions then become the physically manifested reality of our day-to-day lives. The reason as to why our lives are fucked up is not due to democracy and politics itself, but due to us as the public being uneducated and brainwashed voters and as such voting for the wrong people.

Nobody other than us as the public has created the system as it currently function and we have done so through voting. The men in power that make decisions to go to war, to exploit other countries natural resources, to wreak havoc on the lives of those already marginalized, are as much our decisions as theirs – because we voted them into power.

Activists avoids politics and focuses upon creating change through demonstrations, acts of violence and resistance, and building plans for alternate realities, but what they do in essence is that they blame the decision making process in society as democracy and politicians for the problems in the world, and then they themselves avoid and refuse to take part of the process of democracy and politics – isn’t that alarmingly schizophrenic? First disagreeing with what is here and then refusing to themselves take the power in their hands to do something about it, but instead merely resisting and demonstrating against the system of actual power and authority – is our activists bribed by corporations to spread the lie that democracy is useless?

Politics and democracy is not as difficult as it looks. In order to get into power you need to have the majority of the votes – one vote over 50 % of all votes – and once this is achieved you are in a position to legally and with the support of police and government employees to change everything in society – from how food and wages are distributed – to what corporations should be allowed, and who should own these corporations – when you get the power through democratic election not even the rules and limitations of money stand in the way as the rules of money are based upon laws that the publically elected have created and as such new laws can be created.

The best thing about democracy is that the minority – the 50 % minus one vote – can’t change the course of direction that the majority decide upon and as such those that are currently rich and wealthy – which is about 1 % of the worlds population – will have no ability to hinder a new world raising forth from a democratic process of election. Thus – if we decide it to be poverty needs to be no more, because we have the majority and are as such able to change the direction of the world.

The reason why we’ve not had change in the world even though democracy has been introduced is because we’ve not utilized it effectively, we’ve become brainwashed to make decisions in self-interest and for the benefit of our individual lives – instead of taking decisions that are in the benefit of the whole. But still the election process remains the same and we only need but to change our starting point when we elect a new government – from wanting to satisfy our own individual worlds, to instead wanting to satisfy the world in it’s entirety – then we’ll have a new world come forth that is best for all – heaven on earth.

Investigate democracy and realize that activism is but a teenage-rebellion behavior that won’t ever muster to any change – we need to come together and vote for a democratic party that will in-fact bring through a world that is best for all.


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