Redefining Words II

Letting go

Letting go is the application of and as self, as self breathing out – sighing – ahh! – and within this breath out, as a sigh – release self from any form of worry, concern, nervousness, or anxiety – any form of self-limitation as energy of the mind; and within this self is boundless, expressing one and equal as this letting go, as this sigh – as forgetting for a moment where self is, how self is, when self, to instead simply relax – and take a deep breath, merging with the physical, embracing the physical, and appreciating self as the physical.


Compromise is when self gives into the delusions of the mind, as the belief that anything self experience within self, is in anyway related to a outside source – when in-fact all and everything self experience – is self – one and equal – to compromise is as such to make oneself believe that there is something wrong with one’s world and reality, as it’s apparently creating something within oneself, and then one give all one’s attention to this apparent outside problem – instead of taking self-responsibility – looking within – and correcting the experience, and the issue at it’s origin – which is self.


Participation is the application of self, as self moving self with others – talking – touching – breathing – sensing – looking – smelling – being here with the physical – being here with others – and not accepting and allowing self to seclude self into and as the mind, as experience, as self-limitation, as fear and anxiety – worry and concern; participation is the willing of self to not remain invisible in this reality, but to face this reality – to speak up – to direct self – and to not accept and allow self to disappear due to fear.


Embracing is when self take an experience within self, a situation, a resistance, a thought, anything – and hold it within self – feel it – experience it – investigate it – discern it – smell it – see it – and in-fact get to know it – without going into a judgment, or a experience – without creating a like or a dislike towards the point, without in-fact separating self from the point – but instead standing one and equal to the point here.

A new born Child

A new born Child is the future of the world – it’s the yet to be manifest future – it’s untouched, and unhibited potential – the potential for a reality that is best for all – a new born Child does not represent hope – it represents the actuality of the truth that what you give you’ll receive, and as such when you grant the child with effective education, with supportive guidance – the child will blossom and bring forth a new reality, as it itself, that is best for all – thus what we give to a new born Child we give to ourselves as our future.


Steadfastness is to have self’s eyes fixed on the final outcome – wherein self is determined, decisive, untouchable in terms of walking through any and all points that might arise both within, and without – and wherein self stand as the point of diligence and commitment to bring forth a world that is best for all – no matter what – and each day as self wakes up – self asserts self to walk until it’s done and never give up.


Strength is when self do not give up upon self no matter what self goes through – no matter what experience comes up – no matter what happens in self’s world – no matter what self face – self walk through – as a machine pushing forth, walking step by step, breath by breath – within and as the realization – that inevitably self will in-fact get through it all.

The Source

The source is self here as breath – the source is self – the source is the words self write, that self talk in the mind, the self live as the physical body – the source is in-fact what self decide to be, stand as and live as – and from this source flows the creation as our day to day experience of ourselves and our life’s.


Revenge is the limited application of energy, as spiting another, within and as the belief that someone has wronged self – and is as such a total rejection of self-responsibility, and a complete immobilization of self as self-movement, and self-direction – as moving and transcending the inner demons of self – and is in it’s very nature unacceptable


Roots is the pre-programming of self, as what self has accepted and allowed self to become through observing family, friends, classmates, and relatives – it’s the idea within self that self stem from a certain family, from a certain blood, and due to self having copied self’s behavior from these persons – self then believes that these persons represent his roots.

While in actuality there are no roots – the one real root that exist is our root to earth – as the physical – as we all stem from the physical – we all stem from the dust – and such our real roots are here at all times – reminding us of ourselves – as what we’re able to experience and interact with when we touch and sense what is here with our fingertips – this physical reality.


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