2012 Total War

Yesterday I saw a fascinating documentary called “War” – which is a seven part series by Gwynne Dyer about the mentality, and evolution of war, a evolution that has now lead us into the final stage of war – which is ultimate war – total war – nuclear war – and also the destruction of ourselves.

One of the most interesting parts of the documentary was part wherein the psychology of the creation of a soldier was explained, as well as the psychology of the professional soldier (the officer) was given perspective to. And what I found so interesting was that, none of the people that were brought into this trade – either through conscription or as an officer – liked the actuality of war. In-fact – the veterans that were interviewed answered to the question, if they would like to experience war again – no! – All of them.

It was also interesting to see that it’s common knowledge in the military-schools that the human has an innate resistance towards killing other humans, and as such the majority of the soldier-education is directed towards changing this mentality of the human, and make the soldier able to kill other humans. In-fact some interesting research has been done on this topic, where the shoot-to-kill ratio of soldiers in battle has been documented. It’s been shown that only about 20 % of all soldiers fire their guns during battle, and that most rather die than to actually shoot against another human being – fascinating.

In essence the military education as to the training of soldier consists out of boosting the confidence of the young man, to make him think that he’s able to do anything he sets his mind to, as well as create a attitude within the conscript that it’s okay, and justified to kill. And as can be seen by turning in the pages of history, this training has been effective, as young men with a initial resistance towards killing other young men, has been able to push through their resistance – and pull the trigger.

I further found it fascinating how stark the contrast and the incongruence is between the morals of society, and the profession of the soldier – and the general accepted view-point of war. Because, the soldier has the right to kill – he’s even rewarded to kill – and in war-time it’s seen as completely justified to sacrifice civilians life’s as means to an end – yet, this way of living is in complete contradiction to the morals we preach in peace-time – wherein killing is bad, and wrong – and you’ll get in prison if you kill!

I simply find it fascinating that we expect a society with no crime, when we live the example of crime through accepting and allowing war as a normal and justified means of dealing with conflicts, and disagreements. Obviously we can’t have a society free from violence, when we accept violence within ourselves – as been said – there is no middle road – we either stand as what is best for all, or we don’t – there is no way to sugar-coat abuse because in reality – we know precisely what we’re doing.

Thus – we indoctrinate our conscripts and officers with the idea that it’s justified to kill in a war-situation – and that they do this killing “for their country” and for “the good of the nation” – and that this killing is necessary. On-top of this we have the audacity to sugar-coat the act of killing in positive feelings of honor, pride, courage, and heroism – completely hiding from ourselves the real brutal, and savage nature of war – which is in-fact evil manifest.

Killing another human-being is a unacceptable act no matter when, and where it’s done – no matter what type of scenery we attempt to place the killing in, what type of lie we attempt to conjure in order to feel within ourselves that “yeah, it was necessary” – WE KNOW that KILLING is UNACCEPTABLE – and the proof lies in our innate resistance to kill another human-being.

The very fact that war exists proofs exactly how devolved and delusional we as human beings have become – and precisely how stupid we in-fact have become. Why have created such a horrific act in this world, and why have created all of these lies of glory and a “meaningful death” in order to cover up the absolute stupidity of our creation? Why have we never asked ourselves, but really, why can’t we come to a common ground, a solution that is best for all – instead of having to kill each-other? Maybe because – we have been programmed to not see beyond our own limitations?

In regards to the evolution of war – we are as I said in the beginning now at the final stage – we now have the capability to eradicate the entirety of earth several times over – and this begs to question, why the hell have we instead of developing a effective way of feeding, giving proper care to all people on this earth, instead developed weapons that can destroy earth several times over? The argument that we don’t have enough money, or that there isn’t enough resources isn’t valid what so ever – because there have apparently been enough resources to develop more, and more military products.

There is really something gravely wrong with human – the human is sick – mentally sick – and it’s proven by how we prioritize and value things in this world, and by how we make decisions; there is no common sense – no compassion – and no friendliness in this world – instead there is war, chaos – and a will to destroy another, and the entirety of this world.

The only way to change this rapidly escalating self-destruction of mankind into NON-DESTRUCTION is to first – CHANGE SELF – because we as the nature of who we are is the origin-point of what is here today – as what we’ve accepted and allowed this world to become. And then – as we change ourselves – to at the same time promote and show that there is another way – and that we do not have to make earth HELL – because we can change our decision making process, we can change our values and priorities – and we can change ourselves.

Soldiers aren’t needed in a world where people have learned to handle conflicts within COMMON SENSE – and through agreement come up with a SOLUTION that is best for all – that is the SENSE we must assist and support ourselves to live as, and show to others, that this is the only way we change the outcome of humanity, which is currently set on self-destruction.

To really understand what war is – I suggest you check out the following interviews:



One thought on “2012 Total War

  1. manuelaj

    making the approval or disapproval of killing context-dependent is an indication of the insanity of our system. However, we are the system, we must change – and through changing ourselves we can bring about a system where common sense and the interest of all in equality determines how we live our lives.



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