Day 1: Negativity


Have you ever asked yourself why everyone seems to be striving for positivity? I mean – this point of positivity is mentioned everywhere – and you just need to go outside to be swarmed with messages that promote positivity. For example – take a look at commercials – bright shining images portraying the SUN – or GIRLS having FUN – LAUGHING – or – this shampoo is SO GOOD it made my day COMPLETE – in commercials it’s really evident that intention of it is to have the receiver experience some form of positive experience – and then decide to go and buy the product to materialize this positive experience.

The answer to why positivity is such a big – big thing is because – the main experience of each human being – and the current state of the world – exists as NEGATIVITY – major negativity.

Look at your day – it begins in negatively because – you’ve to get out of your bed – and – ugh – go to work! Or – ugh – take care of your responsibilities! And then – you come home from work – and ugh – you’re bored – what should you do? You want to do something that is fun – but there is nothing fun to do – and there is nothing on television – and hey – the conclusion is that this day wasn’t very fun – and so – the human being (you/us/we) go look for positivity in the form of entertainment – as consumerism – because the main experience of the human being is negativity.

Looking at the state of the world it’s obvious that NEGATIVITY rules – there are 3 billion people going starving to bed each night – there is massive unemployment – there are rapists, murders, and pedophiles – there are gang wars – there are sicknesses, there are diseases, there are terrible injuries, there is corruption – deception – fraud – lies – there is inequality – there is unfairness – there is old age – there are orphans – there are MASSIVE amounts of people suffering on a daily basis – all of them experiencing the negativity that this world have become and exists as.


So – what is then the solution? Well – what first must be seen, realized, and understood is the positivity is not a solution – positivity is like a drug that is induced – and then it takes away the negativity for a while – consider for example looking at a movie – this makes you feel okay for an hour, or two  – but then – shit! – I am back into reality!

And also – another drug is buying new things – for example – buying clothes – this also makes some people feel happy and alive for a moment – but some days after their latest purchase – oh my god! This negativity is coming back!

What is this negativity then? And how to deal with it? Well – negativity is CONSEQUENCE – it’s our accepted and allowed living over an extended period of time – wherein we’ve taken no self-responsibility – and we’ve simply let things slide – and this has resulted into an experience of ourselves, and a state of this world – that is severely diminished and dysfunctional – in-fact it’s in such a condition that we attempt to use various techniques, and behaviors to escape having to see – and face what is here in this world as ourselves – as NEGATIVITY.

Thus – the solution is to FORGIVE OURSELVES – to let the negativity go – to release ourselves from the burden of the past – and the burden of our dysfunctional living – to design ourselves and this world a new – not accepting and allowing ourselves to reside in – and accept and allow negativity to become our very nature – as what we exist as – but wherein we instead decide who we are – what we are – what we are going to live for – how we are going to live – and specifically – meticulously – design ourselves as the best we can be – and this world alike.


The reward for changing ourselves – from negativity – to life – as oneness and equality – is that we’ll finally be able to be satisfied with ourselves – finally we can stop looking for the next positive high in order to get us feeling somewhat better – and we can instead focus upon that which matters – which is changing this world – and making sure that each human being has a cool life – and that no one ends up in a position wherein they have no ability – or opportunity to support themselves and their bodies.

The reward is a new world wherein we’ll never again have to search for positivity – because positivity will seem limited in comparison to what we create – what we live – and how we’re able decide who we are in each moment of breath – who needs positivity when we instead stand as creators? Were WE decide who we are – and we don’t need a experience of positivity to tell us that – “okay – now you can feel positive” – I mean – we will decide – because we stand equal and one here – as the living word – wherein we design ourselves and the world around us with the words we speak – and live.

Thus – join the process of stopping NEGATIVITY – and begin your journey to life – of birthing yourself from the physical – and standing up to live and be a full human being – that doesn’t need positivity to feel fulfilled.

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