Day 3: Chaos In My Mind

The last couple of day’s I’ve really been tested by my mind – and this have taken the shape of many severe emotional experiences – and within the processof facing all of these points I’ve made some fascinating observations about myself.So – the first observation that I’ve made is that – when I go into, and face very intense emotional experiences – I will within my mind utilize backchat, and thoughts in order to postpone applying self-forgiveness, and self-corrective statements on the point – usually the backchat will go something like this: “It doesn’t help anyway!” – “Man this insane! And there is nothing I can do about it!” – so the backchat is in nature self-victimizing – and also sometimes blame comes up as I think that my experience has something to do with a external point in my environment – and because of this I am apparently not able to change the point.

This backchat, and the thoughts – when I accept and allow myself to listen to them, and follow them – the result is that I “breath through” my experience – but I don’t bring myself to the point of applying self-forgiveness on the point – and as such I will remain in a state of “breathing through” the experience – which is more a state of being somewhat possessed by a energy yet not completely lost in the energy.

Today I could clearly see how I participated in this type of postponement thoughts – so I took action and started to apply self-forgiveness on the points that were coming up within me – in about 45 minutes I had effectively cleared my experience and I was stable, and silent within me – yet again I’d proven to myself that self-forgiveness is the most fantastic and effective tool – and that it’s only the mind that comes in within these sleek reasons as to why not to utilize self-forgiveness.

This have made me realize that – I really can’t trust ANYTHING that goes on in my mind in terms of saying to me what I should do – and shouldn’t – because what goes on in my mind does not show me how reality functions – I mean – my mind presented this idea that applying self-forgiveness would be of no use – because apparently the point I experienced – the emotions that I went through – they were to intense, and to many – yet still – when I pushed myself to walk through the point – I was able to do so – and bring myself back here into stability of breath.

Thus – it’s important to always remember – and stick to the basics – which is – breath – self-forgiveness – self-corrective applications – and writings – these are the tools of simplicity to DO work – and even though the mind have all sorts of reasons as to apparently why these tools do not work – and I shouldn’t bother applying them – it’s not true – because when I use them – I am able to produce visible results almost immediately.

For anyone having experiencing the same point – my suggestion is to go and apply the self-forgiveness – and do it out loud until the point has been cleared and you’re here yet again – stable and sound – in your body.

I also suggest that you read Arvyadas blog on this point – wherein Arvyadas shares how he’s walked through this point as well – and within this have realized that really – self-forgiveness is a tool that works – but what is required is that we must apply it – and walk it – as it won’t get done by itself.


5 thoughts on “Day 3: Chaos In My Mind

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  5. Stalnaker

    I love the photo. I believe all concerned patrons of the world feel the way this image shows what ever emotion an individual may be feeling. I know life catches up with me on occasion. Well done.



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