Day 4: Guarding My Mouth

Recently I’ve walked through some consequences in my world – and within walking through these consequences I’ve had a front row seat to seeing the mechanics of manifesting such consequences – and what I’ve seen is that the reason for these consequences was that I wasn’t careful with the words that I used.

Instead of being careful – I was careless – and I spoke from a starting point of reaction – in the moment of me doing so it felt right, and even though I had that slight voice in the back of my mind saying: “hey, look at what you’re doing – you’re not being clear in what your speaking” – I still spoke – and then obviously – I had to pay to price – which was the consequences that I had to face in my world.

So – the simplistic points that I see I must practice, and perfect – is – to place a guard in front of my mouth – and to not let any bullshit manifest between my lips – I mean – rather – let the bullshit exist in my mind – until I’ve the time to sit down and write it out on a paper, and then apply self-forgiveness – but by the love of god – I will not let myself speak anything of the shit that goes on in my mind – or this is what I set out to perfect – the skill of LOOKING AT WHAT CONSEQUENCES MY WORDS PRODUCE.

It’s really such a simple point – still no one have ever taught me, or shown me this point of taking responsibility for my words – only very recently in my life experience – as I’ve come across Desteni – I’ve been taught that it’s important to look at WHY I am speaking – HOW I am speaking – and to be honest with myself in terms of WHO I am within and as what I am saying.

This type of knowledge should be taught to children as they first learn to speak – that is the time when you suddenly begin to wield the power that words have – because they do really have power – as they do really influence, affect, and have consequences in people’s life’s – not only my own life – but in the life’s of those that I speak to – and then in turn in the life’s of the people that they speak to; this knowledge is simply not shared – and is not in anyway existent in our current education system.

It’s quite fascinating – we as humanity have this image of ourselves as being intellectual and intelligent – apparently the superior species on this planet – and we’ve designed college educations wherein we study “advanced” mathematics – and space traveling – still – no where is the simplicity of taking responsibility for your words being taught – I mean NO-WHERE – isn’t that REALLY fucking fascinating – I mean – what have we really been doing here on this earth all along?

So – because this point of knowledge wasn’t shared with me as a child – I’ve had to go through the tough route of learning it through consequences – it’s not something that I suggest to anyone – but as I said earlier – change is at the moment here – because now there exists educations that do teach the importance of being careful with what you speak – and that is the DIP course, and the DIP-lite course – I’m walking both – and I suggest for anyone reading this to do the same – and within that learn to speak to another – as you’d like to be spoken to yourself – because that is – I’ve realized – the key to stability in my world – and the key to heaven on earth.


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