Day 21: Test-anxiety – Are Schools For Learning? (Part 11)

This is the eleventh blog in my series about test-anxiety – and I in my previous blogs I’ve handled my internal reactions towards my exams – which have been primarily anxiety, nervousness, and fear. Now I am going to go into the external – which is the university in itself – and the question I am asking myself is – to what extent is the university as it is set up responsible for my experience of anxiety?

Obviously – within this – it’s to understand that I am 100 % responsible for my experience within me – though – this doesn’t pardon the university for having certain characteristics that makes it more likely that a being will by their own doing create a test-anxiety character and live it out as themselves – just as I’ve done.

Book_and_GlassesSo – first – let’s consider the basic structure of the university – and where you’re at as a pupil – as a pupil you’re at the “bottom” so to speak. You come into the university world and in order to be allowed to remain there you must perform according to the wishes of the teachers, and professors – the teachers and professors being at the top. As such – the university is a pyramid-system – and it have a hierarchical design wherein only those that have gained a particular status within the world of the university have the capability to change the rules, and decide what is good, what is allowed, and what isn’t.

Obviously – this in itself creates a atmosphere wherein the students – as the low-cast in the university – experience themselves as less than the teachers – because they don’t have the same privileges as the teachers, and aren’t respected the same as teachers – as such students will within this believe that they must perform and show the teachers, and professors that they are good enough – that they are able to learn what they are told to learn – in order to feel that they belong, and that they are welcomed by the university.

This is obviously a problem – as this particular design takes focus away from education – which is what the university should be about – the epicenter of human-growth, and development – and instead places focus unto competition, and trying to perform, and become accepted by another – all done within and as fear, and inferiority.

In a education-system where real growth, and participation are nourished – no hierarchy can be allowed – as hierarchy is a assumption, and a faulty belief – that only because you’re older – you’re more educated – but this is a mistaken definition as to what education means – because looking at the real definition of education it’s easy to see that it’s not about who has the most knowledge – but instead who’s able to with the most effectiveness move themselves in this reality, by and with the principles, and laws that govern this reality – and within this have a positive outcome – and this ability isn’t necessarily something that comes with age, or advancing in the labor system; as such – for real education to take place everyone in the university world should be allowed to contribute their particular abilities, skills, and knowledge – on a equal basis – and one’s contribution shouldn’t be defined, and reviewed by one’s title – but instead upon what it is one is contributing – and how effective, and aligned with and as the physical reality – this particular contribution is.

Because our current university system isn’t formed, and shaped like this – most students tend to become lifeless robots – and force themselves to think like the professors, and think like the teachers – and within this loose that spark of life within them that they had when they first entered the university – and this is because in the university you must comply to what you’re professors think, and believe – in order to pass and get through.

It could be question if there should even be such a point as a professor in the university – as the position of the professor implies that someone is apparently more than another – thus within this creating separation, creating conflict, and competition – wherein those that are less (students) try to become, out master, and become accepted by those that are more (the professors).

Thus within this I am able to see that they very nature of an exam – as a test that apparently measures one’s particular skills, and abilities – isn’t the way to go in terms of creating a university where students – no-one – experience anxiety. Instead – each and every student should be assisted and supported to reach their utmost potential in their particular skill, or ability that they’ve decided to focus upon – and it should be the teachers of the universities responsibility that no one fail – and that no one ends up as only being average – and as such – when every student is perfect in every way – there is no more need for a test, or a exam to measure the students capability – because the capability of the student has already been proved in the excellence that the student exhibits in participation within the classes at the university.

Currently it functions as such – that the student is responsible for their own achievement, and mastering of a particular skill – and then in a way – the student is punished through being given a bad grade if that particular student haven’t sufficiently and to the satisfaction of the teacher – mastered that particular skill or ability. Though – it’s strange that we as a society place the responsibility on the students – and punish the students for not being effective in their studies – instead of realizing that the effectiveness of the student will directly reflect in the effectiveness of society as a whole – as the student after his education will become an active participant of society – and contribute his, or hers skill, or ability in daily-living participation.

Within this it’s clear as day that the responsibility of giving our students an effective education must rest upon the school – society – as the state – because in giving students the ability to freely choose whether they are to fail, or not – where in-fact saying that we are giving up the future of our society to faith, or hope – hoping that students will become the best that they can possibly be – instead of actively creating our students – through dedicated assistance and support – to become motivated, and able to perfect themselves in every way within the particular skill, or ability that they’ve chosen to pursue.

In order to create the university to have this effect on students – it’s obvious that MORE TEACHERS are required – currently there are only a few teachers on several hundred students – which is not nearly enough to make sure that every student get the best possible foundation to be an effective participant in the work-force – which is the living, and creative force of society.

Within this it’s also clear that the teachers, and professors – must be educated in terms of what their responsibility is towards society – within understanding that they are not more than the students – and that the students effectiveness in school are a direct reflection of the teachers effectiveness in their responsibility of being a motivation, and guide in assisting, and supporting the student to become effective within their particular skill.

To summarize – one could define, and clarify the dysfunction of our current university – and how it creates anxiety in students – as being due to the system not taking into consideration, and understanding it’s responsibility towards each individual student upon a equal and one basis – instead the university stands as this gateway that only let’s some through – and then don’t give a fuck about those that happen to not be of the right height, and color (intellect) to pass through the gate – instead of having the university be as a helping hand – that push each student – and support each student – patiently, and with care – to get through that gate – as developing themselves to be perfect, and the best they can possibly be on the particular skill that they’ve decided to take on and cultivate within and as their lifetime here on earth.

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