Day 35: Imperialism Is Fear

Today the subject of imperialism will be discussed – as to what is imperialism – what is the problem? And how will we be solve these problems, and what rewards will there be for doing that?

Let’s begin with some background information on imperialism.

According to Wikipedia – the definition of imperialism is:

“Imperialism, as defined by the Dictionary of Human Geography, is “an unequal human and territorial relationship, usually in the form of an empire, based on ideas of superiority and practices of dominance, and involving the extension of authority and control of one state or people over another.”[2] It is often considered in a negative light, as merely the exploitation of native people in order to enrich a small handful.[3]

Thus – imperialism is in essence to act of a country, or group to subdue another country, or group with the intention to use their resources, and dominate them. In a way – it’s similar to how Marx explains the struggle between capitalists, and the working class – wherein the capitalists in essence subdue the working class – taking their time, and effort and profiting from this – leaving very little if none left of the profit for the working class; and this is what we’re facing in imperialism but on a more grand scale – as such capitalism on a country to country basis.

Because the fact is that as the industrialized revolution boomed in Europe – more resources was required to meet the demands of the industries – and thus new countries had to be sought out, and their resources pillaged, and brought back to the imperialist country to there be consumed – and this is for example why Africa is currently so far behind the western countries of Europe, and America – Africa has been in essence raped, and severely abused – all it’s resources stolen to satisfy the gluttony of western desires to consume more – fascinating – and still we as westerners have the stomach to proclaim that we’re benign and do care for the poverty, and general dismay that occurs in Africa – history proves that WE DO NOT – we only care about our profits and nothing else.


What is the essence of imperialism? Why does it occur? Who starts it, and where does it come from?

The essence of imperialism is fear – which becomes clear when you listen to Noam Chomsky’s seminar that is listed above – and this fear takes form in the statement of “we have to protect our families!” – “we have to ensure our countries future!” – “we have to make sure that we have enough resources to survive!” – and so human beings are driven by fear of survival to plunder, and lynch other countries to ensure their own future.

What tends to be used in order to justify this type of behavior is that a sort of shimmering, and positive meaning, and context is placed on top of the actual horrid events that take place in the name of imperialism – for example in the case of the USA’s invasion of Iraq, which is a perfect example of imperialism – the idea of freedom, liberty, and democracy has been used as the intellectual justification for the horrors committed – and thus fear is justified instead of being dealt with and corrected – fear is considered to be real, and of actual relevance and instead of daring to see the actual nature of imperialism – instead decision-makers and the populous of a country tends to see what makes them feel good about their own decisions.

So – imperialism occurs because of FEAR, and it’s allowed to occur through the fear being justified, and hidden through the mirage of benign intentions – one question that is interesting to ask is – where does this fear start? From where does the root of imperialism stem?

Looking at this point it’s obvious – that as with all psychological issues, and dysfunctions of the human race – it all begins in the early education of a child – in the family – and so – instead of human beings being taught to respect one another, and to stand without fear in meeting another – what is taught, and shown by parents is instead the example of fear – giving the example that apparently we must fear our neighbors, and that we can’t have any integrity, or actual moral values – because that is something our enemy will use against us, and then we won’t be able to survive.

From a young age we are indoctrinated to live in fear – and that is why our governments, and our decision-makers favor imperialism – as a way to protecting oneself from this fear and ensuring one’s future – though it’s obviously fascinating that this fear is never questioned – that the facts which we as human beings take for granted that has been told by our parents are never questioned, and really investigated as to whether they do have any actual validity – and I mean – in most cases – all that our parents have told us is simply a misunderstanding of what it means to live, and not a real and objective understanding of this physical reality and what it implies to be a fulfilled and effective human being on this earth – and thus – imperialism is a sickness of the past that visits upon the young children and becomes our future through ineffective education in the family – where the children becomes brainwashed to accept fear as their primary guideline in this life.

So, obviously imperialism is a HUGE problem – and one of the biggest problems is that it will not function as a way to establish effective survival for all human-beings on earth – even though that is it’s starting point – to ensure survival; but the fact is that what we fear – we create – so in fearing for our survival and in trying to remediate this fear through imperialism – we’ve made life on this earth even more unpredictable, and insecure – where life really has become a great casino where whether you win, or loose is determined by your place of birth – and whether you have money or not – and if you do not happen to be born in the right family, at the right time – then your life on this earth will be a certain hell where your survival will not be a given.

Thus – an assumption has been made that we are able to ensure our families, and our own survival through imperialism – yet this assumption is false, and does not reflect the actuality of reality – because the actual practical living of how to survive as a species does not entail competition, does not entail war, does not entail the destruction, and rape of entire populations – this is obvious – because when we use violence, and establish further inequality – we also make the environment a more hazardous place for ourselves as well.

As such – the problem with imperialism is that it’s NOT a effective policy with which to ensure the worlds future – it’s really a very crude, and ineffective method of trying to establish survival on very short terms – but where no stable, and real agreements between people are established that would ensure that continued support for all people where survival of all is in-fact achieved.


What has been missed in imperialism? Well – what has been missed is the fact that real stability, and effectiveness in living can only be achieved through considering the WHOLE – and through working TOGETHER as a TEAM instead of fighting each-other as opponents.

I mean – it’s simple common sense – that in in a situation where two people are fighting each other over the food available – one of them will loose out and not be able to survive. Where instead in a situation where people are helping each other to grow crops, and together divide the food according to each his need – both will benefit – and both will be able to ensure their survival.

Thus – the solution is that the education of our children must change – from parents teaching, and showing that competition is the way to ensure one’s survival in this world – to instead showing, and teaching that working together – that respecting one’s neighbor and giving as one would like to receive is the key to ensure one’s survival on this earth – and that life on earth can never be truly fulfilling – and truly perfect unless EVERYONE are cared for – and all potential reasons for violence, mistrust, and destruction are prevented and removed from the face of earth.

In essence – what we must begin to live is consideration and care – and dare to stand as this way of living and not anymore honor fear and distrust as the principle by which we live – but instead dare to be the first the stand up and live the paradigm-shift that is required in order for humanity to move unto a new era where survival is not anything you have to fight for – it is a given.

Really – the paradigm-shift that must happen is an internal shift – wherein we stop to honor fear – and instead start to live with integrity – and self-respect – implying that we do not anymore accept and allow ourselves to be swung around and deterred by any form of experience that comes up within. And so – we stop to attempt and try to abuse, and subdue those around us for our own enlightened self-interest – and we instead start to live with care, consideration, and humility – the base principles upon which we’re able to create a new future – heaven on earth.


In a way – I am able to see how I’ve lived the personality, and character of imperialism in my own life – since a young age I’ve been determined to win, and considered those around me as mere obstacles to me ensuring my success in this world – but due to me having committed to walk the process of self-change with Desteni I Process – I’ve slowly but surely started to change this behavior of mine, and thus I am able to see what the rewards are for stopping imperialism on an individual basis – as I’ve experienced it myself.

The point that I’ve experienced the most rewarding for stopping fear of survival, and from changing the way I view and see other people in my world – is that I’ve begun to appreciate, and be genuinely interested in the life’s of others – people are not anymore something that I fear, judge, and see as my competitors – no they are living beings with their own unique individuality – their own life-story – considerations – applications – talents, and faults – and so within stopping the imperialistic nature of fear – I’ve in-fact been able to really begin to see, and get to know others – and within this also enjoy the company of others.

This has also allowed me to use competition, and comparison constructively – in being able to be honest with myself in seeing what others are doing more effective than what I am – in seeing what I’d like to live that others are living – and instead of going into jealousy, and fear as I’ve seen another being effective at a particular point – I’ve instead been able to simply use this other human being as a point of inspiration – and learn from another – thus making my life and living more effective.

On a global level – stopping imperialism will allow for real stability to grow forth – a lasting, and long-term stability that will ensure the comfortable survival of human beings on this earth for an entire lifetime – without fears, anxieties, crisis, wars, and other creations of a twisted and fear infested mind. We would grow up in this world and know that we had everything we needed, and that nobody was going to take from us what we needed, and that we weren’t going to take from another what they needed – because we’d live and apply the simple understanding that together we are strong, and divided we are weak – and that only through working with each other are we able to ensure that life on this earth will be worth living for everyone.

Obviously in order for us to get to this place – where we are able to reap the rewards of our change we must understand the importance of giving – and seeing that giving is the basis of receiving – and that this is why our current economical system is collapsing leaving millions of people unemployed and not able to support themselves financially – we must pay another for his or her service or product – we must acknowledge the worth that another place into his or hers labor – because from within that there will be more money in circulation in our money system – which will allow for more consumption – that in turn will allow for more receiving – and thus – no more FREE stuff – no more price-races – no more competition – what instead must become the norm of the human race is seeing our world holistically – as a whole – and within that giving as we’d like to receive – within the understanding that what we are giving we will also be receiving – common sense.


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