Day 36: Liberalism – Freedom vs. Principled Freedom

liberals_585In this blog I am going to take a closer look at liberalism – and answer the questions – what is liberalism? And what is the problem with liberalism, and how can this be changed into a solution, and what will be the rewards for walking such a solution?

Firstly – what is liberalism?

This is taken from Wikipedia:

Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis) is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas such as free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, and private property.

According to my research on this subject – which involves primarily the opinions, and ideas of Chris Hedges, and Noam Chomsky – what I am able to see is that Liberalism is a very complex, and wide array of beliefs that intermingle – shape shift – and ultimately comes out very differently depending upon whom it is that is explains the point of liberalism. Thus I will here give the point liberalism a very simple definition that I am going to work with – and that is that liberalism is the drive towards equality between human beings, without a authoritarian state – where human-beings are allowed to express themselves according to their free will, and compete on the marketplaces of the world without stifling regulations – in essence be free so to speak.


According to my understanding – the idea of liberalism is primarily based upon the desire that each human being is to be free to decide his own life without anyone telling him, or her what to do – thus the epitome of free choice – each human being completely free to decide who, and what they are going to be in this world.

The problem I see with this approach is that allowing everyone to be completely free – also means the one accepts and allow abuse to take part in this world. I mean – that is the definition of free – EVERYTHING is allowed and there are no boundaries, no rules, no principles, and no guidelines – if you want to become super-rich – go for it! Or, if you want to get children, and raise them to become your slaves to take care of you when you’re old – then go for it! Or, if you want and desire become a pedophile and satisfy your innermost hidden desires – then go for it!

The obvious problem with this is that such a notion of freedom can’t exist without harm, and suffering – in-fact – the world we see today is the results of freedom given to individuals to determine themselves, and their lives without any practical principles being decided upon as limits for the freedom one is allowed to exercise – because obviously there must be such a principle for a society to exist wherein all participants have a fulfilling, and dignified life.

Thus – the problem with unrestricted freedom is that it does not have an outcome that is best for all – it has an outcome of simply allowing people to do what they want no matter the consequences of their actions – and for our world to be safe, secure, and without unpredictable events – such a unrestrained freedom can’t be allowed to exist – thus freedom must be restrained through principles – there must be boundaries that make free will, and free choice be not completely free – but free to the extent where it does not cause anyone harm.

Let’s take a practical example – imagine a country where there is no laws – and no principles – there is complete, and total freedom; here on individual decides to become drunk, and then take his car and go driving. While driving this individual due this drunken state by mistake hit’s a child that become paralyzed for the rest of his life; this is not an outcome that is acceptable for a effective, and honorable society – because this is a freedom that comes at the expense of beings sacrificing their lives and well-being for another human-being to be free to make harmful, and destructive decisions.

If we look at how the current financial system functions – we’re able to see how the freedom given to people to make money by any means necessary is having tremendously harmful effects for certain other people – wherein through the stock-markets of the world – prices of resources, and the economies of countries are being used as pawns in a giant casino gamble – where from one day to another – an entire country can collapse and fall into ruins due to a wealthy person placing his money in such a way as to manipulate the pricing of particular resources. This type of freedom is not acceptable – as it’s a freedom that cause HARM – and cause people to live lives of uncertainty, and fear – instead of a life that is best for them.

As such – what can be concluded is that – the problem with liberalism is that unrestrained freedom have consequences that are not acceptable – and can’t be accepted and allowed in this world.


What is the solution? How can liberalism be aligned so that it isn’t harmful? As I see it the point that must change for liberalism to be effective is that freedom must change so that it’s instead of free-freedom – instead principled freedom. Which means that instead of one being able, and allowed to do exactly everything that one want to do – one is only allowed, and able to do that which one want to do but that isn’t harmful, or destructive for anyone else. So – freedom to the extent where it’s not harmful.

If one on the one hand take a look at this principled freedom – it’s actually more free than normal free-for-all freedom – because in the normal free-for-all freedom there must always be a winner, and a looser – the winner get’s to experience his freedom – yet at the expense of another that loose his freedom – and that can’t be called real freedom – it should instead be called bullying, or abuse – because that is in essence what it is.

Principled freedom on the other hand does not have any side-effects as harm – an example of living out principled freedom would be that one decide to go and take a bath one afternoon – and obviously taking a bath doesn’t harm anyone – and thus it’s a principled decision that one is free to make and it doesn’t infer on anyone else’s freedom – because one do not require a slave to go and take a bath.

In relation to trade, and economics – free-trade must change into principled free-trade – which means that we’re not anymore allowed to manipulate prices on false values of supply and demand – because this many times places the producer of the product into a state of poverty – because when the price is able to be deflated, or inflated upon the basis of rumors on the market – then that is obviously a point of freedom that is abusive, and harmful – when it means that the one selling his product can’t place food on the table for his family that night – because he wasn’t paid anything for the crops he sold.


The rewards for changing the liberalism and it’s primary component of freedom – from free-for-all freedom – to principled freedom – is that we can now as a humanity begin to trust one another – because not anymore will we have to be afraid that suddenly someone is going to stab a knife in our back as they decide to “live out their freedom” – because now there won’t exist any personalized idea of freedom that is harmful for the whole – freedom will be aligned to what is best for all – as principled freedom.

And as for trade – here we will have the reward that trade will not anymore be a gamble – and as a producer you won’t fear being scammed, and receive absolutely crap pay for what you’ve created – because the freedom to utilize various means to manipulate prices – will not be allowed anymore – as such a freedom do have consequences that are harmful for the greater whole.

With principled freedom becoming the landmark for humanity – we will have a world that is safe for our children to grow up in because harm will not be allowed to take place in the name of freedom, and free choice.

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