Day 37: Colonialism – From Crusades To Mutual Sharing and Exploration

In this blog I will explore that concept, and practice of colonialism – and ask the questions – what is the problems with colonialism? How to change colonialism into a solution? And what will be the rewards for giving colonialism a solution that is best for all?

According to Wikipedia – colonialism is defined as:

300px-Punch_Rhodes_ColossusColonialism is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory. It is a set of unequal relationships between the colonial power and the colony and between the colonists and the indigenous population.

Thus – colonialism is the practice of one country in essence taking control of another country – and using that colony in order to supply the home country with resources. The concept is closely related to imperialism – though the distinction can be made that – imperialism is the ideology, and colonialism the practice of seizing land from other people for purposes of enrichment.


The problem with colonialism is obvious – in essence it’s a form of theft – wherein one country by force take control of another country – suppressing democracy, and the voice’s of the indigenous population – taking their resources, and disabling the self-sustaining economy of the country – so that the first country (home-country) can have more. This is obviously a problem because the results of this type of practice is that the people of the colonized country will experience much hardship, and suffering – and even though colonialism is now regarded as a event of the past – the consequences of this practice still echo into our day and time – wherein almost all the countries that once upon a time was colonized – now experience dysfunctional economies, and ineffective systems of government.

I mean –it’s obvious common sense that one do not go and steal the livelihood of another person and claim that as one’s own – simply because one want to have more – it’s a unacceptable practice because in the process one destroy the lives of others. Here we can apply the principle of do unto another, as you’d like to be done unto yourself – and within this it’s easy to see that colonialism is not something that we’d like to be done unto ourselves. Imagine that tomorrow a man enters your home – and say’s that your home is now not yours anymore – but is the property of some king in a far-distant country – and that you now may only use the toilet as your home, because the rest of the apartment is confiscated and is now the resource of this king. Would you like that? I mean – I know that I wouldn’t like that very much at all – and as such it’s clear that colonialism is a crime against human rights – the right to have a home, and to be able to govern yourself, and have access to that which you need, and require to live a dignified life.

So – why did colonialism occur? As I see it – colonialism is the product of one thing, and one thing only – greed! And what supported this greed to take root, and become a entire way of living is a lack of consideration, care, and respect for other people – their needs, and cultural heritage. Thus – really – colonialism is the product of ineffective education – because obviously those people that decided to colonize must have been taught as youngsters that it’s completely okay to ravage, and pillage another’s belongings for your own self-interest – at least as long as you’ve some justification for doing it – such as – I did it for my country! Or, I did it because I must survive!

But really – harming others for one’s own survival, or because some type of monarchy give an order is not an acceptable cause – and it simply indicates how brainwashed we as children become to make up all kinds of really insubstantial stories in our mind’s in order for us to go out and commit the most horrid crimes.

We only have to look at history to see human beings – for no apparent practical reason – leaving their home to conquer, and expand their empires – and using some really stupid justification to do so – for example – in Europe during the dark ages people left their home’s and went down to Arabia and fought battles, and conquered land – apparently as a “holy crusade” – because apparently god told them to do so – I mean – that’s a terrible justification – god? What god? Really it was all about the MONEY and that Europeans desperately wanted, and desired some of that Arabic gold to hang in their living room – and feel really cool about all the battles that they’d won.

So – colonialism is really a disease that springs from greed, fear, and also – stupidity – which is equal to brainwashing – as parents tend to make their children very stupid as they teach them all the cultural brainwashing as justifications to enable them to commit crimes of atrocity.

The question we should ask ourselves is – why haven’t we utilized the notion of traveling to other places to SUPPORT and HELP people? To instead of taking from them – GIVING – sharing our technological advancements, and our cultural life supportive traits – to as such form a cool and mutually beneficial relationship with the other country?


Colonialism implies that people from different cultures, upbringings, and backgrounds meet each other – there is a cultural exchange – and this is how colonialism could be changed into a SOLUTION as a having a outcome that is BEST FOR ALL – instead of colonialism being the barbaric plundering of another persons home.

Because – consider for example the Spanish, and Portuguese as they sailed over the Atlantic and met the Indians in South America – what did they do? Well – the successfully managed to destroy an entire nation, and kill most of the indigenous population – BUT – what could they have done instead? They could have arrived as explorers, and ambassadors of another civilization – with open arms – with one objective – to give as they’d like to receive – to give to the South Americans those things that made the Spanish, and the Portuguese effective in their day-to-day living – and within this the South Americans could have shared their realizations, insights, and understandings in relation to effective day-to-day living – and within this we’d have an expansion, and growth of human excellence – as two worlds come together and share with each-other that which makes them effective.

This is also a point we can use in our own day-to-day lives – to consider that in meeting new people, and in seeing that which is effective, honorable, and respectable with another’s way of living – to instead of becoming jealous at them, and competing with them – learn from them – ask them – “Hey, I’ve seen that you do this thing very effectively – exactly how is it that you do?” – and within this we could instead of seeing our traits, and skills as our personal belongings that is for us, and us only – share them with those in our world that we see can become more effective in regards to those particular skills and qualities; within this we would have GROWTH and we’d have EXPANSION.

Because we didn’t do this as we met other cultures, and discovered new land – we now have a world that is divided – where racial hatred, and discrimination rules – instead of mutual sharing, and learning – and that is obviously really sad, and regrettable – BUT – we can still CHANGE!

The solution is always here – what is required is that we live it – and decide to give regardless of whether anyone else decide to do so as well – and as such we stand as the example of what it means to be a considerate, caring, and loving human being – a human being that love’s on a whole other level than merely through emotions, and feelings – but a PRACTICAL, and TANGIBLE love – that can be seen in the form of actual gifts, sharing, and non-judgmental communication – wouldn’t that be a awesome way to live?


How come the Chinese people are so effective in collectivistic movement? How come the finish people have the best schools in the world? How come the Germans are so disciplined and steadfast? I mean – these are just generalizations – but the point I want to make here is that – if we’d instead of competing with other nations, and people of different cultures come to them without any bias or secretive agenda – we could instead LEARN and EXPAND ourselves – and take that which we see others do really, really good – and apply it in our own life’s – and make the skill, and ability we see in another our own; and this would be the reward for stopping the process of colonization – and changing colonization into equal sharing – communication – and mutual learning.

As a world – we could expand and walk through, and correct lot’s of the problems we face today – as all the collective understanding of the world is used, and applied – coming together for one purpose – to create a world that is best for all in every way. We’d have a world with no more wars – with no more discrimination – with no more genocide – and with no more theft crusades of greed – we’d instead have a world of a mutual respect, and consideration between people, cultures, and countries – and as such – fear would be NO MORE.

Wouldn’t that be something? A world with no more fear – no more war – and no more distrust – that is where I want to live.


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