Day 90: Pedophililia – A Constitutional Right?

Psychiatrists and psychologists are now starting to argue that pedophilia shouldn’t anymore be lawfully banned or penalized because apparently it’s a sexual orientation just like any other sexual orientation – as such the pedophiles should be awarded constitutional rights just like any other type of group. Check out this article here.

011012GreecePederastyLGSome quite disturbing things have been suggested by these psychologists – for example Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, suggests that child pornography could be beneficial to society because, “Potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.”

So, obviously this entire point indicate that the psychological expertize around the world has in some aspects given up in attempting to assist and support people with a sexual desire for children, and instead have opted to just “make it work with the least amount of consequence” – thus instead of actually assisting and supporting individuals that are driven by this type of severely consequential sexual drive – it’s now being pushed as being a normal part of the human nature, a part that can’t, and shouldn’t be changed, but instead somehow suppressed, and directed through for example pornography, or maybe some type of drug prescription.

What is fascinating within all of this is that nobody is really asking himself or herself: but from where does this attraction towards children come from? How come we as human-beings in relation to sex and sexuality are becoming more and more picture oriented, where it’s more about the look of the person we have sex with, be it a child, a young woman, a fat man, or some type of animal, than our decision to have sex and express ourselves together with and as a another individual in such a way that is not consequential and that is effective and supportive for both parties involved.

If we take a look in society it’s really no wonder, and it’s nothing strange that people are becoming more and more inclined to define their sexuality according to pictures – because what is being pushed in media? Here we see our idea of sexuality being showed to the public – look at for example Miley Cyrus – her particular way of moving and expressing herself indicates how we as humanity have defined our sexuality and how we believe we should express and experience our sexuality – and looking at these pictures in the media it’s evident that sex have become something that is all about how you show yourself as a picture, how you present yourself as a picture, how you move yourself as a picture, what clothes you as a picture wear, what hair-style you as a picture have, and that it’s all about presenting yourself as this “sexy person” – instead of accepting and allowing sex and sexuality to be a natural expression of self that isn’t more or less than for example taking a shit, showering in the morning, or going to bed at night.

If we then go back to the pedophiles, what we’re able to see is that the sexual nature of the pedophiles isn’t in-fact natural – no – it’s created in the mind of the individual through playing out pictures, through playing out inner movies, through masturbating and reacting to these pictures in an experience of excitement and arousal – and as such the sexuality of the pedophile isn’t in-fact real. Instead it’s a product of our own making – in how we’ve taken the physical expression of sexuality and made it a commodity that we use to create energy in our minds through associating sex with pictures, associating sex with energy, associating sex with thought – and believing that we need all of this crap in order to express ourselves sexually with ourselves and another.

Thus – the problem isn’t pedophiles in themselves – pedophiles are really but an outcome of how we’ve as humanity collectively decided to define and live sexuality, wherein sexuality has become  a decision driven and motivated within and as energy and pictures coming up in the mind, without any self-awareness, without any integrity, without any self-movement, without any respect and consideration for the physical intimacy that exists as a opportunity within the act of sex – thus pedophiles are really the perfect mirror for us to see how it is that we’ve limited and disfigured sex within ourselves to only be about what we experience, what we feel, and about what images that come up into our mind – instead of sex being self-directed – sex being a decision – sex being something we do to support ourselves to remain here in the body, to remain grounded, and to strengthen our bond with and as this physical world and reality through expressing ourselves physically.

As such – we require to change our relationship to sex and see that we can’t anymore accept and allow sex to be this thing that happens to us in the form of pictures, and energies, and that we just follow this experience without any consideration or regard – that is simply not a sustainable way to live – it’s consequential and in-fact self-abdication – wherein we just give up ourselves and all common sense, all integrity, and all morality – just to get our experience, get our energy, and have that picture guide us and take us to that final stage of an orgasm; really – isn’t that quite limited? Can’t we make sex to have a deeper and more substantial meaning than just being about following a energy, getting a little orgasm, and then being done with it?

Its time we start to ask questions – why is it that the psychologists can’t assist and support pedophiles? Why is it that we still rape each other in this world even though we apparently are such an advanced and evolved race? Why is it that nobody is looking at the origin of the problems, and what is really the origin of the problems – because obviously to lock up a pedophile doesn’t remove the cause that led to the effect as a pedophile – thus what is the cause that we’re all not allowing ourselves to see and realize?

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