Day 117: How We Use Our Intelligence To Sabotage

trenches-warThe First World War – a fascinating and completely ridiculous part of our human inheritance that really is a perfect example of how we as human beings exist within ourselves and towards each other. Currently though, there is no major world war, no trenches, and no bombs as it were back then, yet the starting point of these destructive forces still exists within us and they are visible in how we deal with situations and interact in moments of our day – what we say to ourselves in our minds – what we say about others in our minds – how we value things and how we put our own interests before the interests of others without and shame.

This point opened up as I was watching this documentary (click HERE to see it) about the First World War – and in this documentary they are digging up the old trenches of the western front. Within this process the archeologists find fascinating artifacts that all show the ingenuity of human consciousness – the ingenuity to make it easier to kill other human beings. For example an entrapment in the form of a fake soldiers head that was raised above the trenches, to lure the fire from snipers in the opposite trenches, so that snipers could be spotted and killed. Why is it as such that we have used our ingenuity to kill and maim each other, to find more ways to soothe our own interests without regard for others, and how come we have never used our intellect and intelligence to support ourselves, each other and a life that is best for all?

We claim to be intelligent, yet we use this intelligence to wage war, to develop new weapons, to develop new ways of deceiving each other, and then we blame the world and life for being difficult and filled with hardship not realizing that we as individuals have actively been creating this through our participation – we have actively used our intelligence to make sure that I survive, that I get through, that I get my hands on those resources, and in this we have created a world of competition where we will not hesitate to kill one another if we feel that our resources and survival is threatened – and that is obviously completely unacceptable – and it results in a world of hardship because we are hard and brutal against one another – it is the formula of 1 +1 = 2 in action.

Our intellect and intelligence could become a great gift – through it we have the most amazing opportunity to create life that is best for all, we have the most amazing opportunity to support ourselves in our personal processes of transcending and walking through the mind – we could use our intelligence, our ingenuity, our problem solving skills, not to further our own personal wants and desires, but to instead support each other, support ourselves and support life – clearly there is potential to do this but the missing piece in all of this is our DECISION to stop self-sabotage and stand up to in-fact support life.

The First World War is thus a testimony to our potential to create solutions and inventions as well as a testimony to our inability to walk beyond our preprogrammed mindset of only considering me, I and myself – it is a testimony to how we sabotage ourselves and accept things as they are instead of looking beyond our reactions and experiencesseeing that there is a way where no war requires to be waged – the way of equality – where we give as we would like to receive. There is a always a way in which we can support ourselves and our neighbors – we do have the intelligence and intellect to find the solutions – now what we require to do is to live it – stop giving way to the ways of old and instead start considering solutions that benefit everyone.

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