Day 118: I Want To Do It Myself!

Do you remember what we used to say as children?

– “I want to do it myself!”

And then we would hastily push away any form of assistance and support provided by our external environment, usually offered by parents, and proceed to do the particular thing on our own. The result of our attempt would most often be that we failed, or that it took longer to do what we had set out to do – because in all honesty we could not effectively walk the particular point on our own – we just wanted to do it.

This particular preprogramming is still existent within us as adults, though now it takes on different forms, but the principle behind it is still the same, we reject our external environment and proceed to do things our own way, as we want to do it and how we feel like doing it. Within this we tend to believe that we make ourselves stronger because we apparently stand on our own and push ourselves to be more independent – yet looking at the result of our actions it is easy to see that we are in-fact compromising ourselves. Fact is that in many, many cases, others in our world are more qualified, more insightful, and plainly speaking, more effective in doing the particular thing that we have set out to do, and that in taking their advice, and making their understanding our own, we would benefit greatly. Still we persist in wanting to do things our way, on our terms, by ourselves.

Why are we doing this?

do_it_myselfTo find out, let us look at the fascinating point of the superhero. The fiction of the superhero is a story that is told to youths growing up and within this what is learned is that it is possible to be a hero, do everything yourself and at the end of the day save the world with our amazing superpowers. Thus we come to grow up in a world where individuality is put on a pedestal and we are taught to pursue our own life, go with our interests, go with our own passions, find our meaning in life and so to speak, follow our hearts desire. We are taught to glorify individuality and in this we begin to believe that individuality implies strength and that the collective, the group, is a weakness and something we must strive to separate ourselves from so that we are able to create our own lives.

Is this not quite fascinating? That we live our lives as isolated superhero’s striving to become something to glorify our own individuality in our minds and in this we are fighting the group, fighting to not have to be like others, take any orders, or follow others. This is one of the single greatest mistakes we as human beings have made and it is one of the root causes as to why we as a human race seemingly are unable to change the direction of our world that currently is heading straight into the abyss. We are unable to stand together, we are unable to work together, we are unable to function as a group were individuality takes second place and where what is best for the group comes first.

Thus, we attempt and try to make our own individuals life’s the best that they can be and stand flabbergasted when seemingly without any reason, nothing wants to work for us.

Why is it then that nothing wants to work?

The answer is simple; it is because everyone else is equally as us locked into a self-importance possession, with all means trying to make their own life’s work with no consideration or regard for another, for the group. The consequence and outflow of such a disregard is obviously that conflict will emerge, people will clash, realities will fall apart, countries will have their civil wars, they will have their scheming politicians and the corruption that goes with it, because nobody understands or is willing to admit that real power – real success – real change and real betterment for all rests within and as the power of the group.

This is what I have realized during my years of walking the Desteni Group, that I am not alone able to make a significant impact, I am not alone able to create change and betterment on a global scale, I am not alone able to effectively support myself through my process of self-change – I am in fact dependent on the group and when the group is effective – I am effective.

Within this I have realized to what extent I have limited myself due to wanting to do things on my own, wanting my own life, my own purpose, and wanting my own glorified individuality to go before each and everyone else – because really – isolating oneself from the group in some form of false pride and superiority is the greatest weakness that exists and it is for this reason that we as humanity have not been able to produce anything of substance or worth in this world at all. We have been to busy trying to prove ourselves, to busy trying to win, to busy trying to be right, to busy trying to get recognition, to busy protecting our individuality – when really; there is SO much to learn from others, SO much to appreciate in others, SO much to respect in others.

What we have missed is HUMBLENESS.

And it is fascinating the we tend to view humbleness as a weakness while really it is a strength – because only when we are humble are we able to see where we can improve, where we can change, where we can learn and where we can contribute – only in being humble are we able to see where we have made mistakes and where we have not taken into account the group and our responsibility for how this world exists at this very moment in time – and only in humbleness are we for real able to work and live with others in a group.

For us as humanity to change this world we must embrace the fact that only as a group are we able to stand strong and make a difference, and that the suppressed truth is that our individuality is useless as long as we do not align our individual strengths and skills to be in harmony with the movement and application of the group as a whole. This is the secret of power that have yet to be understood by the majority of human beings – that when we let go of our idea of ourselves as superior – we do become superior for real in the shape and form of a group of individuals standing together – working within the same principles and understandings.

Thus, accept and allow yourself to ask the question, who am I without the group and who would I be, and what could I do when standing with the group? Because embracing the truth that change can only flow from within and as people standing together – that is the solution not only for our personal life’s but also for this world as a whole.

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