Day 145: Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential

I have committed myself to realize and live my utmost potential – and in this blog I will expound upon what this means and how I’ve applied it practically in my day-to-day living.

The word Realizing implies that there is a process to be walked, that a particular insight, perspective, or understanding of this world and myself isn’t here at this moment – but that I am able to bring it here. To live my utmost potential I must thus bring me to realize what my utmost potential actually is – and this process of bringing myself to realization I have facilitated through the tools of writing and self-forgiveness.

What does it then mean to write, and how do I apply it in my daily life?

Writing means that I use words in order to look into myself, look into this world, and define and conceptualize what it is that I see – and in essence it’s a process of self-education. For example, let’s say that I’ve had a tough day, and I’ve experienced myself slightly depressed, and down – though I can’t really understand why; here is where I would sit down with pen and paper, or by my computer, and begin to look at the details of my experience – what thoughts was involved in this experience? Are there any memories coming up within me? How does this experience in me specifically feel? Is it just a slight gloominess, is it a melancholy, do I feel discouraged, or helpless? Why is this downiness really?

In utilizing writing in this way, where I structure and organize my inner reality, I am able to understand, and I am able to direct, and I am able to place for myself solutions, and most importantly – I am able to take myself into a process of Self-forgiveness, which is the next tool I will explain.

Self-forgiveness is a way of entering into the unknown, and usually secret places of our consciousness – and through specifying and defining what we create inside ourselves, we’re able to release these points, and take responsibility for them – and so – the primary purpose of self-forgiveness is to take responsibility for what we’ve done to ourselves. To relate to the example I gave with writing, I would after writing, where I found out that my experience actually was one of gloominess, and that there was some memories attached to this experience, then commence to apply self-forgiveness, and forgive myself for creating and perpetuating that gloominess, and holding unto those memories, and charging them with emotional energy, and in that make the decision to take self-responsibility and let go.

The outcome of the process of using the tools of writing, and self-forgiveness is that I am able to SEE and REALIZE my utmost potential, who I could be, and how I could live, if I would step out of that gloominess and instead participate in my daily living from within and as self-enjoyment, presence or appreciation – and this takes me into the next dimension – which is that of LIVING to the utmost potential.

This dimension and aspect of the commitment involves that I see how I can live, and what takes place is now a self-creation process, where I can insert a new programming, a new directive within myself as to how I am going to live – and this is a process that involves taking words and LIVING THEM – thus – the key to one’s utmost potential lies in taking words and giving them a practical definition that I am able to live in my day to day living.

For example, in the case of gloominess, I would’ve by now seen that there is another way to live, another way I want to live, I see that I’d like to instead of being gloomy, be cheerful and alert – ready to take on my day and live it from the moment I wake up till I let myself go to sleep. Thus, I will then take the word cheerful, and give it a practical definition – for example – that instead of becoming gloomy, I will straighten up my back, breathe deeply, be present with my body here, and participate wholeheartedly in whatever activity or process I am currently walking in my daily life – thus changing gloominess to becoming active, involved and cheerful.

This is thus how I have lived and still live the commitment of realizing and living my utmost potential – I steadfastly and with dedication walk a process to self-introspect through writing and self-forgiveness, and when this is done, I create myself as how I would want to experience myself – and how I would want to live – which is my utmost potential.

The process of walking this commitment is a daily application, and it must be done consistently – and when there are things in my life, or in myself that I see aren’t aligned effectively – here is where I must make the decision to sit down and write, to forgive, and to ask myself – how is it that I want to live? How am I am able to align this point so that I can stand with and by it for all of life with no shame, or regrets?

And this is how I practically live and apply the commitment of: Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential

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