Day 151: Principle of Self-Purification

Today I will expand on the principle of:

Self Purification through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Application – the action of realizing I am responsible for my own thoughts, words and deeds, to forgive myself for transgressions and change myself to ensure I take responsibility for who, what and how I am and through this know that I can trust myself to always be honest with me and so others

This is a principle that I have committed to live by and one of the points that I’ve applied the most, and with notable returns – writing, self-forgiveness, and self-application is the simplest and most effective way I’ve found to establish real, substantial, and lasting self-change.

At this day, it was some six years ago that I first ran into these tools, and at first I found the notion of self-forgiveness to be quite strange, why should I have to forgive myself? What does it help if I say that I forgive myself? Though regardless of my initial resistance I decided to try it out, without expectations – needless to say this decision was the start of a new way of life – because within applying these tools I discovered the most amazing thing – its actually possible to change!

What initially blew my mind was the immediate effect of the tools – in particular I was amazed by how self-forgiveness spoken out loud had an direct physical effect – in speaking the words “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed” – and then authentically targeting and letting go of a self-dishonesty, I experienced a direct physical release, and how I could in effect let go of emotions and feelings – simply through speaking and obviously meaning the words; naturally – this was nothing short of a epiphany for me – because suddenly – I had in my hand the tool of releasing myself from all the various emotional issues that I had carried around for most of my life.

Thus, it’s not strange that the tools of writing, self-forgiveness, and self-commitment statements have encompassed my life for the last six years – it’s been a theme that I have integrated into every part of my living and because of this – these last years of my life have unambiguously been the most rewarding, the most fascinating, and the most expansive that I have ever walked on this earth; because the truth is that there is no gift that can ever compare with the gift of self-mastery – and self-mastery is that which I’ve realized that I am able to give to myself through utilizing these tools.

How is it then that I apply and live these tools in my daily life? My way of working with and using these tools can be summarized in some very few words: Whenever I notice that I go into a state of being that is of a energetic nature – I make sure that I bring myself out of that state of being through utilizing the tools – and through using this simple approach – I have managed to transcend, walk through, and direct countless of mentally compromising points.

Though, it’s important to note that writing and self-forgiveness is only but the initial stages of self-change – because the real test lies in the actual physical change, which at all times must be self-willed – it can’t be given – it must be self-directed; and this is a important point to stress – because one of the mistakes I did as I began applying the tools was that I wanted the tools to do the work for me – and in that I missed that at the end of the day – I have to practically align myself to stand as the solution, as the correction, and as the decision of how I want to live. That being said, the tools are invaluable, because they enable one to create a foundation and a stability from which one is able to then make that stand and push oneself into physical self-change.

The tools that Desteni presents is the way forward for humanity, and in following, and reading the Journey to Life blogs written by countless of individuals, all applying these tools, this will become apparent. Thus, investigate writing, self-forgiveness, and self-commitment/self-corrective statements – try it out for 21 days and see what it can do for you – and I guarantee you will have all the proof you need.


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