Day 210: Why Movement Needs No Energy

Yesterday I looked at the behind the scenes of Game of Thrones and it was staggering to see the amount of detail, attention, focus, and sheer effort that was placed into making the series – each and every take and scene – absolutely perfect. Massive amounts of resources where poured into the productions – thousands of extras, dozens of principal actors, clothes and sets for all of them – two separate groups shooting at various locations around earth at the same time – in the end producing a result that is awesome.


Why can’t we place the same effort, attention, will and discipline into creating a life that is best for all? Why is it that the moment we’re faced with a decision to give to this world unconditionally, give to humanity, to set ourselves up to really place into an effect a change that will be measurable – we simply don’t give a shit? How come we’ve become so good at caring extensively about things that in the end doesn’t matter at all?

It can’t be because we’re not disciplined, because it’s proven that there are tons of disciplined people in the world, and it can’t be because we lack focus and attention to detail, because most of the Game of Thrones cast have that – so why is it then?

My theory is the following – we simply don’t care – why? Because there’s no ENERGY in it – there’s no FEELING in it – there’s no DESIRE in it – and when no energy is there to move us forward – we simply don’t budge. Apparently we need a motor inside of our solar plexus that motivates and drives us forward for us to do anything whatsoever – though is that really so? Do we actually, really need such a motivator? Do we actually need this steam inside for us to do what is necessary, and drive us forward to create what is needed for this world to rise out of this wreckage?

The simple answer is no. What I’ve found in my process of self-creation is that self-movement doesn’t need energy – we do possess the power and capability to make a decision and then follow through on it – to decide upon a purpose for ourselves and then walk it into creation. We have that power – it’s just that we’ve never cared to develop it – because it’s so much easier to follow what comes automatically – it’s much more of a challenge to sit down and practically look at what must be done to effect change – and then move yourself to actually do it. That requires an effort of will – we must design that moment – make the decision to ask ourselves the question – what can I do for this world? What can I do for myself? What can I do to actually bring through change? Where and how can I contribute? And this is why most don’t – and just follow what they experience.

If we want to have a better life – we require to embrace the fact that change will emerge through walking the tedious tasks that we don’t really feel anything towards – that we’re not passionate about and that we don’t really like – though it’s not required that we do! We can make the decision and do what is required anyway – live that discipline, that effort, that attention to detail, yet as a self-directed decision – where we put our skills and abilities to GOOD USE through actually contributing to life here on earth – which is something that this world need direly.

Thus – don’t take my word for it – try it yourself – movement does not require energy – all you need is a decision that you follow through on – nothing more.


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