Day 223: Quantifying Process

In my process up to this point I have encountered some tools/technologies that are truly amazing and using them have assisted and supported me to come back from mind-possessions faster than what I could have imagined was possible. It is unfortunate that the general public does not know about these tools because using them is for a lack of better word life changing.

The first tool/technology I want to bring up is self-forgiveness spoken out loud –for those that are not aware of self-forgiveness you are able to research the basics HERE. I will not venture into the basics in this blog but rather open up the benefits I have discovered in doing self-forgiveness out loud, with the emphasis on the ‘out loud’ part. Because when we voice our self-forgiveness there are some fascinating physical effects that takes place – obviously we require ourselves to be self-honest in our self-forgiveness else it is not going to have the desired effect – though this is another point.

So, let me take an example from my own life in how I have used self-forgiveness – speaking it out loud – to drastically change my experience of myself within a pattern: Some months ago I started to become aware of a stress pattern that I went into when I directed myself to do my studies or other money related responsibilities within the system. The stress experience felt deeply ingrained, and most of the times I would not even be able to see or detect the stress energy as it emerged within me – instead my heart started to beat faster and my body began to produce more saliva, there was an immediate physical possession. Now this was obviously because the stress energy had already formed a personality that activated on a physical level in the same instant as I faced the stimulus of work, responsibilities and commitments with regards to money.

Due to the nature of the stress reaction that I was facing, with regards to the immediate possession it produced, it felt almost impossible to take directive principle of the experience. Because as I said, I would only become aware of the fact that I was stressed out, when it had already developed into a physical possession. And physical possessions tend to be very difficult to step out of and effectively change – the rule is that to effectively change a pattern, the correction must be inserted in a preceding timeline – before the pattern has reached the point of physical possession. Though, with stress, because it followed no clear timeline that accumulated into a possession, but instead went drove me into a possession instantly – I experienced it as a big challenge to get my directive principle into the equation.

Thus, here is where the technology of self-forgiveness out loud really assisted and supported me to release myself from my bondage to the stress-personality – because in order to strengthen my stand and solidify my foundation to be able to on a physical level direct the Stress personality, I utilized specific tonalities within my self-forgiveness – to through the tonalities and words assist and support myself to step into the living application of the correction. With stress, the voice tonality and living word that I had to practice in order to direct the personality was decisiveness, assertiveness and authority.

Through utilizing this tonality I managed to change and direct my stress personality – because through practicing sounding myself into the correction, I programmed myself on a physical level to have the necessary foundation, clarity, and direction – to immediately as the stress came up within me – direct myself with the necessary tenacity and willpower to stop the energy and insert my living correction. Thus this is the power of applying self-forgiveness out loud – and the potential of using SOUND in order to change ourselves – because it’s not just words – it’s not just sounds – it’s in-fact a living statement that we’re making that serve to program – or rather DIRECT – ourselves on a physical level.

It’s actually obvious when you consider it, the words we speak to ourselves are the roadmaps of our lives, it is through these we plan and create who we are – and the sounds we use is the expressions with which we are living our charts – and when we use our sound to support ourselves, to strengthen ourselves, to build ourselves, and in the sounds practice living the new vision we have set for ourselves – we make it a lot easier for ourselves to direct, and correct ourselves when we are faced with the real thing.

Really, with these tools there is nothing that can’t be changed, due to the simple reason that words and sounds are the building blocks of our character and within that our lives – and when we begin directing these dimensions and aspects of ourselves we are re-programming ourselves on a fundamental level – and in this we design and define ourselves in a way that will provide lasting and sustainable results.


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