Day 233: What You Focus Upon Grows

What you place your focus upon will grow?

Hands of elderly man and baby holding a young plant against a green natural background in spring. Ecology conceptYes, that is how it works and to take an example from my own life: I had planned to start my own business for quite some time, I’d made tons of research, gotten to know all the laws, many secrets of the trade, and I felt ready to go out there – though there was one problem – each time I was about to take that step out into the reality of actually starting, there was always something new that had to be prepared for the future. New things that I had to know, learn, or acquire before I could make the decision to put myself out there.

Thus, my focus was on the future, preparing myself to walk into the future, and even though such a focus is necessary to prepare a road for oneself, it becomes a problem when all the focus is on the future – when all the focus is one what must be done before I begin. Because when that happens, movement stagnates, passion recedes, and things begin to die. This is what happens to water when there is no movement, slowly but surely oxygen disappears, because there is no wind, or movement that allows for the air to interact with the water, and if on-top of the no sun reaches the water, it will be difficult for aquatic plants to do their process of photosynthesis, which compromises the living environment of the water even further.

Thus, in all living organisms, movement is natural, and in order to move, the plans for the future, must be enacted and walked. It’s not effective to only plan for something that might or hopefully come to fruition one day in the future, to be productive we must take action and get ourselves into the business of doing that which we plan.

Usually, what will hinder us from doing, and acting is fear, because fear leads to procrastination, and usually, what I’ve found, is that the fear will be irrational. For example, in terms of what I am facing in my life, the point of action that stands before me is that of putting myself out there, meeting people, and within that inevitably facing rejection – which is the major issue – fear of rejection. Though, if we take a look at fear of rejection, it’s easy to see that there is no real harm in being rejected, there is no physical, bodily harm caused when someone doesn’t want us in his or her environment. Thus, if we accept and allow ourselves to withhold our movement due to fear of rejection, that is actually equal to and the same things as putting our movement on hold, because we imagine that we are paralyzed (even though the body is perfectly fine). It’s the same principle – an illusion that we believe govern that which is physical and real.

Instead of seeing rejection as something bad, it should be seen in the context where it happens – if rejection occurs because I’ve put myself out there, made contact, and will myself to communicate – rejection is merely the mathematical certainty that of all people I will get into contact with, some of them will not like me. That will happen, and it’s simply what follows with the decision to not anymore hide behind fear of rejection. Thus, when rejection happens, it’s in-fact a proof that I did act regardless of my fears, and that didn’t accept and allow myself or my world to remain limited, and hence it’s not a situation/occurrence to judge – rather it can work as a motivation for me to become even more specific, effective, and sociable and within that to push myself to improve on my skills of approaching and dealing with people.


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