Day 236: Boldness

Boldness – to be bold, to be daring, what does that mean when we look at the words from a starting point of what is best for all? That is what I will investigate in this blog.

So, for some context, I’ve been looking at the point of fearing to speaking up in moments when I see that there is something I want to say, or that I’d like to intervene – and I’ve as well looked at various fears that I have with regards to taking a stand for what is best for all, not only in some parts of my life – but in all of them – and primarily – the money-side of my life.

Concept of career and freedom with a bright open doorBecause what would it mean to live what is best for all in relation to money? Well, obviously it would mean that I don’t accept and allow myself to hold unto money as a form of security for a rainy day, as that would imply me holding unto a fear of survival – and living what is best for all would further mean that I will myself to invest and use my money in a way that I see is best for all – so that the money comes to actual use. The problem thus far has been that there have been fears towards taking the step out into self-trust, and willing myself to implement a principled, common sense relationship with money – hence I realized that it was important to look at the word boldness.


What does being bold mean? The dictionary defines bold as follows.

“showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous”

Sounding the word

The sound of the word reveals the following.








Creative writing

The sounding of the word shows that the word bold is very much connected to exertion, and movement – being bold is an act of forward motion, equal to a bolt being fired, or someone blowing. Though there is also a sense of stability in the sound, which comes through in the word boulder – which implies a massive, untouchable stand.

If combined what comes through is the meaning of bold, as being a movement forward that arise from a genuine stability and trust in oneself. Thus, in essence, to live bold, I can’t accept and allow any fears, or doubts to possess me, and take me over – I must instead stand HERE – be direct and immediate – and move as the opportunity open up – as the point is HERE.

Obviously, this comes with risks, though let’s be honest – there is nothing in this world that doesn’t involving risk-taking to some degree – and in order to expand, move, and challenge yourself, it’s obvious that we must take risks – which in essence mean that we must walk into the unknown and accept the fact that we might fail, that we might face a situation we can’t handle, that we might not be able to direct the point as we hoped – such unwanted outflows is part of the equation of taking risks.

Though then there is the point of taking unnecessary risks, and this would be arrogance – thus there is a thin line between arrogance and boldness – where arrogance would be when we act without evaluating, without being humble and looking at the decisions that is before us – and instead believing that we’re “so good” – and thus able to make it through.

New definition

Boldness = Taking action in the stability of breath, moving forward even though there are uncertainties and risks, and the outcome can’t be predicted


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