Day 242: What is real evolution?

What is real evolution? The general accepted view of evolution is that of external shifts in form, techniques, and designs – and mostly the word is connected to survival – and from the human point of view – evolution is most often seen in the context of career or spiritual awakening, aka enlightenment.

2000px-Human_evolution.svgLooking at my own definition of the point it’s clear that evolution has been connected to moving away from my parents, and ‘creating’ my own life, getting my own apartment, and my own first job, and standing on my own two feet in the world system. This is something I’ve come to define as being a freedom as well, because being away from my parents, I’m apparently free to create my life as I wish – and I can now do whatever I want to.

Interestingly enough events have opened up in my life where I know find myself living with my mom again, on the farm were I once grew up – on the farm that I used to define as extremely limiting, that is positioned in a small rural town that I resented in my teenage years for not being hip, and revolutionary. I wanted to get away from it, live in some big city, and ‘experience’ life – and I used to consider the people that stayed behind as being the biggest losers, because I thought that they were missing out on life.

And now, I find myself in that position that I before used to judge, and resent, and the fascinating thing is that – on a physical level – it’s great for me – the country side allows for a expansive, physical, and creative lifestyle, with lot’s of contact with animals and nature. Compared to living in the city, the farm offers a more calm, serene, and easy life – put plainly: There is not as much shit on the countryside. Though, on a mind level – I have had conflicts emerge – residues from my past conclusions and assumptions of the country life – were I defined this lifestyle as BORING.

Thus, I am now presented with a clear perspective on the irrational nature of the mind, because in the mind, we evaluate points on the basis of FEELING and EXPERIENCE and not from a starting point of PRACTICALITY – and this is obviously a big problem. So, from the minds perspective, I have seemingly regressed by moving back to the place were I grew up, and I have missed out on my evolution through not getting a place of my own, but instead opting to live on the same farm as my mother. In the mind’s eye this is a complete failure, because I am not out there in the world, exploring, having adventures, and acquiring knowledge through meeting and interacting with new points.

Though, is there anything that says that I am conditioned to not explore, to not experience, develop new skills, and new abilities while living on a farm together with my mom? Is there anything that says that I am physically more limited to create my life when I am living on the countryside where I used to grow up, compared to if I was living in a town, far away from my place of birth? The simple answer is NO – and here we get into seeing the REAL expression and definition of evolution.

Because the fact is that REAL evolution is not limited to the external reality, in terms of where we live, and the people that are in our lives, our jobs, etc. Real evolution is a decision we make, to in the confines and limitations that do exist in this physical world – regardless of where we live – move, express, and drive ourselves to expand – and this expression can come through in all places, in all contexts, in all situations – because it’s about WHO WE ARE.

For example, I live on a farm, with literally thousands of opportunities to start exploring various relationships with nature, animals, agriculture, construction, machinery, and so forth. Thus, even though I am living where I once grew up, it by far means that I know all parts of my physical surroundings, and it by far means that I have investigated all the various parts that together make up the thing we call country-life – such as for example: Gardening, driving a tractor, organizing equipment, caring for and supporting the various farm structures – the fact is that there is an entire existence before me that I have yet to delve into.

Though, what happens when I am in my mind thinking that expansion and self-creation is somewhere out there? Where is my focus? Well, it’s obviously OUT THERE, and in that I miss the opportunity of self-creation that exists HERE – the moments of self-expansion, and self-movement that are opening up HERE – those points are easily glanced over when the mind is set out to build something in the future.

Thus, the correction to this point, is to bring the world evolution back to the present, to see, realize and understand, that self-expansion, self-movement, and self-creation are words that can only be lived HERE – that no town, job, or career in the world can give me these words – I must give them to myself – and I must live them in my daily life – I must make them part of myself – and push myself to be present and aware here to see when a opportunity for self-expansion open up, so that I can walk into it, learn, experience, and evolve myself – develop myself.

To summarize: Regardless of where we find ourselves, with whom we live, what job we have, and what our circumstances are – WE have the power to expand, develop and evolve – we have the power to CREATE ourselves and make the best of what is here – that is UP TO US – nobody can do it for us – it is a decision that we make to participate and be aware of every breath, of every move we make – because only then are we able to recognize what is in front of our eyes, and walk into the opportunities that do unfold every single day.


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