Day 244: Revolt

In the adult world there are many traditions, habits and social niceties that just doesn’t make any sense. For example, if you’re invited to another, and they are offering dinner; you can’t start eating until they say it’s okay to start eating. Other strange points is that you’re not allowed to eat with the fork in your right hand, you can’t eat with your mouth open, you have to say thank you when you get something, etc. There are literally thousands of these rules, and as children, we’re mostly exempted from them. Then, as we come into our adult years, suddenly we’re supposed to follow these rules, and make them part of our lives.

My reaction towards these nonsense rules was firstly to ignore them, or follow them as little as possible. This works fine if you don’t have any intention of networking, or creating a relationship with a person in the system, it works fine when your focus is to live your own life, and not give a damn about others. Though the moment we make the decision to move out into the system, start creating relationships, and forming networks, we must follow these rules, because if we don’t follow them, the consequence is social exclusion. This is obviously not an optimum condition, though this is how it all works at the moment – to build relationships – you in most cases have to abide by the nonsense social norms that exists in almost all parts of our lives.

Today, I stand in a position, where I have to go into the system and build relationships, and due to that I’ve had to revise my relationship to social norms – I now see, realize and understand, that in order to have success in building relationships – I require to play the game. And here is the important point to ALWAYS remember – that the key in playing the game is to be IN this world but not OF this world. See, it’s a major difference – because when we’re IN this world but not OF this world – we don’t accept and allow the game to define who we are. We instead play the game, knowing that it’s a game, and that it’s not a point that changes who we are on the inside – instead we’re clear on our PURPOSE, our STARTING POINT, our DIRECTION, or WHY – we know what we do, and it’s not something that just happens because everyone else is doing it.

Thus lately, I’ve been practicing playing the game – and this has been difficult to me because I have a tendency to feel diminished, and limited when I follow these rules – as if my freedom of expression somehow is being diminished, and that I am being disempowered, because I can’t express myself as I usually do when I am alone. This sometimes leads me into attempting to revolt, where I create these small insurgencies, and break the rules, to feel free – though the problem here is that I then compromise the relationship that I was building with the person. Because I didn’t play the game as is expected, they might in some way react to me, which compromises my opportunities in terms of utilizing that particular relationship to move myself, and create my purpose, and direction in this world.

As such, for those out there still existing in a state of revolt, that do wish to have an impact in this world, and create a change for the many, I suggest that you let go of this revolt-character, and embrace the game – because realize that – in order to change the system, you have to walk into the system. You have to walk into the belly of the beast, and from there, stand as a living example, and in order to manage that – it’s required that you follow the basic social customs of the world system. And really, these rules, all that they can cause us, when we follow them, is that we’ll for a moment look silly, or do something that doesn’t make any sense – though after a split second or two – the moment will have passed and then we can again focus ourselves unto that which is important – to create a life that is best for all and utilize all resources in our lives to move that point of creation into fruition.


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