Day 252: How You Make Something More Out of Your Life

actionWhat is your definition/understanding of someone that is making something more out of their life? Do you see before yourself a president, or an important statesman? Maybe you see a big-shot international human rights lawyer that is fighting for the rights of ethnic minorities? I would say that there is a high probability that the person you envision holds some form of a important position, or at least, what we in mainstream society consider to be important.

Though, let’s look at this point in common sense: If, let us say, the definition of ‘making a difference in this world’ and ‘making something more out of yourself’ is to stand in the position of a president, and in that position make these ‘great reforms’ – how many of us would then have any capacity to really affect change in this lifetime? Not that many huh? In-fact, there is only a handful lucky enough to get into such an influential position. YET – does this then mean that the rest of the worlds population is unimportant, meaningless, and without any purpose?

The simple answer to that question is NO – it does not – and here we must re-look at, and redefine the point of ‘making something more out of our life’ and extract the true implication and meaning of this statement. What does it really mean to make a difference, to make a change, to have an effect, to make something more out of your life? Are you able to effect change, and make a difference even though you are a lowly paid worker, being a garbage man, or a worker in the grey zones of society, such as a stripper, or a prostitute? According to the dogma of society, apparently these human beings are low life scum, and they cannot contribute, and give value, because they lack education, and refinement – though I beg to differ.

What I see is that we all, regardless of where we live, regardless of our circumstances, regardless of our job, regardless of our upbringing, we all have opportunities to stand and live for a change that will have an impact. And maybe we will not be able to see the effects, the effects of our actions just at this moment in time, but only somewhere in the future – maybe not even in our lifetime. But if we act, take a stand, and if we dedicate ourselves, and our lives to bring through a change, it will create ripples, it will mean something, and it will come through in some way or another, that is certain.

But let us say we work as a garbage man, we have a low pay, have apparently no connections, and no ability to bring anything of value into this world, what can we then do? So here, we must look at the following, that even though we apparently work at the bottom of society, we have colleagues that we meet everyday, possibly we have a family that we interact with, also on a daily basis, and we have the extended family, neighbors, and the local grocery store, where that Indian guy works, where we buy our lunch each day – SO can you see? Even though we perceive ourselves to be at the low end of the food chain, we do have quite the network, quite the number of people we meet, that we influence on a daily level, where our words, and our actions will have a direct impact in the life of another.

And here lies the secret of changing the world, and making something more out of yourself, and your life, and imparting real value, and contributing to actual evolution. The secret is you – CHANGING – YOURSELF! And look – you might change a pattern within you of being irritated and frustrated in the morning, and one of your co-workers notice this about you – and he starts to ask himself – silently of course: ‘how did he (you) do that?’ Without even knowing it, you’re setting an example to a network of people in your life – and because you’re not angry in the mornings anymore – you now, by coincidence, strike up a conversation with the mail man, that you usually ignore because you are so annoyed – AND – you guys happen to be very similar and you really hit it off – things expand – because YOU expand in yourself and your living application.

This is what we need, normal people, in normal life circumstances, making the extraordinary decision to change their lives, WHO THEY ARE as a human being to become something better, to become something that they can be proud over, and in that these normal human beings, with average lives, have an effect on their environment that is truly exceptional. A human being that has changed WHO THEY ARE, that stand stable, and sound in every moment, ready to support others, and deal with life utilizing common sense, that is a resource for the entirety of humanity – and this is a gift we are able to give to ourselves, and this world – irrespective of our circumstances – we can always make, and live the decision to create ourselves to be a more enhanced and functional human being.

Thus, For those of you ready to make the commitment, to change your lives, and in that, make a contribution to this world, which remain after your death, I recommend that you investigate the following links:

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For your Info:
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