Day 255: Are You Easily Distracted?

Are you one of those that get’s easily distracted? For example, when you have decided to do your homework, or sit down to engage in a activity that you do not look forward to that much, you seem to find so many other things that are more important, and that you would like to do, that you then end up doing instead of what you saw you had to do. In this blog I am going to walk through this mind pattern, and share solutions on how you are able to stop, and direct yourself, from being distracted, to instead being focused and concentrated.

Throughout my school years the one point that I fought and struggled with on an ongoing basis was my desire to do other things than schoolwork. I suspect that this conflict is normal for most children. When I was still in primary school, I would come home from school and have this urge to immediately go out and play with my friends – yet I knew that there was homework to be done and that I should get it done first, before I go out. Frequently I fell for the temptation, and opted for playing, instead of doing my homework, and as I grew older that way of handling my schoolwork became more rule than exception.

As I began upper secondary school, or high school, I was due to my relationship with distraction, not very good at focusing, and concentrating myself, and I invested my leisure time in playing computer games. For me school and homework was of secondary importance. The consequences of this was that I finished high school with mediocre grades, and without having developed an ability to sit down, focus, concentrate, and get things done. The reason being that I allowed myself to be distracted by what I wanted to do, desired to do, and felt like doing – hence compromising what I really had to do. And this inability to prioritize my time on a physical level impacted my ability to walk through university as well. Because even if I was more motivated when I started my first courses in higher education, I did not have the discipline, nor the focus to be able to integrate the now comparatively larger chunks of information.

Thus, what I want to share here is that accepting and allowing you to remain in a mind pattern of distraction will have consequences. Because to be effective in this lifetime, you must have focus, and you must be able to do things that you do not necessarily want to do, or feel like doing. This is for example of utmost importance in basically all types of careers. There you got to be able to complete your assignments and tasks. If you can recognize yourself as being someone that is easily distracted, understand that when you change this pattern within yourself, which it is possible to do, an entirely new world will open up. There are so many rewards and gifts to be found in the skill of being focused and concentrated. You would not believe how much we are actually capable of doing with our time, when we focus, and place our presence HERE in what we are doing.

Though before I get into the rewards, I want to share a couple of solutions that I have applied for myself, because I have managed to change, and transcend many aspects of my former tendency to distract myself. One point that I applied, to stabilize myself, and bring myself back HERE when I noticed that I was distracting myself, was to say to myself out loud: “Hey! Where are you going? You know that you should do THIS now! Come back and place your focus here!” – and this would assist and support me to in the moment, make the decision to not go towards my desires, and instead I could slow down, and return to my responsibility, or direct myself to start caring for my responsibilities.

Apart from that what has assisted me greatly is to be clear on the REWARDS and the CONSEQUENCES that follow from me accepting and allowing myself to be distracted. When I see what my actions will bring, it is so much easier to take that final and unconditional stand within me – were I state: “Till here but no further” – and as I said, there are many rewards for stopping the pattern of being distracted. Hence, it has been very beneficial for me to write down what more I can accomplish, and do with my life, and what that would mean to me, if I would be able to use my time more effectively, and really move my responsibilities into closure.

For example, when you stop the pattern of distraction, you will be able to get things done much quicker. You start something, a responsibility or commitment, then you place your focus HERE, and you push yourself to direct the point – and then you are done. Compare that to, starting a project on your computer, then stand up and leave after 20 minutes to talk in your cell phone, and then coming back only to surf a little on the web. Then you get back again, but now you’ve sort of forgotten where you were. It is far more effective to make the decision to do something, then you do it – and THEN – when you are done – you give yourself a moment to go do something that you enjoy.

And a point that is important to remember is that that the distraction pattern can only be stopped in the moment – and here many make a crucial mistake: They try to stop the distraction pattern only through speaking to themselves in their minds. The problem is that it does not help when you say inside of yourself that: “I should not be doing this” – “I have more important things to do” – “Why am I doing this? I should stop now! Come on stop now!” – Why? Because distracting yourself is a physical pattern – you live and create it with your physical body through moving yourself away from what you are required to do. Thus the solution is really so simple – to instead: PHYSICALLY move yourself towards, and DO what you see that you require doing. And here – in this physical movement you will experience some resistance – though with all change comes resistance and as such it is simply to push through and assert your change and the new direction that you have decided for yourself. You will get through it – and in that moment REAL ACTUAL CHANGE will be here – manifested in the physical

Hence, remember, when you feel that uncomfortable experience, that you should be doing something else than what you are doing, you know that knowing/experience you have in the back of your head. That slight voice whispering in your ears to “stop distracting yourself”. That is the moment to assert yourself and move yourself to change – to not accept and allow yourself to distract yourself, but to instead do what you are supposed to be doing.


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