Day 280: Fear of the System


Fear of authorities, fear of repercussions, fear of consequences, fear of being harshly reprimanded – this type of fears are developed in childhood. Mostly this is because parents utilize fear to manipulate their children into submission. And this is also how the greater world system operates. People are manipulated into submission through fear – and by submission – I mean that state of giving up were we lose ourselves, who we are, were we are going, what we want to do, what we want to become etc. In a state of submission our lives are about accepting what is here and getting by as unscathed as possibly, sticking our chin out as little as can be done, so that we avoid unwanted attention.

Hence, most of us are stuck in this state of fear, were we fear being seen, fear having others creating negative opinions about us, and primarily, fear consequences. And all of this, because our parents did not have effective parenting skills, which implies an ability to effectively and in stability communicate the reasons for a particular rule/way of living, and also, to be able to admit, that sometimes the child knows better than the adult – and thus – that common sense is put before all wishes to be right. That is an effective parent – someone that honors what is best for all, and does not hold unto ego, wanting to be right or wanting to feel empowered.

For us as a world to change we require to step beyond this fear. Because look at how our leaders, our supposed authorities, are able to get away with abuse. And look at how we accept and allow abuse inside of ourselves – is it so that we are even afraid to stand up within ourselves, to the apparent authorities, and bullies that exist within our own minds? Or perhaps, an even more interesting thought, maybe we secretly keep the status quo, because in doing that, we do not have to change, and we can remain the same?

Anyway, what is clear is that fear of authorities, and basically, fearing this system, is debilitating, and push people into lives were they are silent, and passive even when the most atrocious acts are committed. Hence, a question that should be asked is if we are willing to give up all that we have in order to stand for a permanent solution, in order to stand for that which is best for all, and thus, live the courage required to actually have an impact. It is easy to answer yes, however, it is far more challenging to actually live such a yes.

Though, when it gets tough, and we are challenged by the requirements to survive in a unhealthy and ruthless system, remember, if we accept what is here without taking action, we will continue down the same road. We know were that road is going to take us. Thus, as a motivation, move forward, through the fears, through the difficulties, using curiosity and a sense of adventure – understanding that – walking the road less traveled – that is how we get to see something new and expand. Because the greatest lie ever told is that this world, and us humans cannot change. When we walk the talk, that is change in application.


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