Day 297: Wanting The Big Means Missing The Small

I have seen that in wanting the big, I tend to miss the small – and what is interesting here is that the big things might seem significant, yet when looking closely, the big is actually constituted by the small.

So, where does this apply? For myself I have seen this in particular when it comes to creating and walking towards a change in this world, and also when it comes to creating and building my own life. Before my inner eye I see the great changes, the complete revelation – and through only seeing that as being important and significant – it leads to me not seeing, or valuing the daily, small moments of change that I either apply, or that there are opportunities for me to apply. Hence the consequence of aiming big, of seeing only the big, is that this can create a sense, and experience of stuckness, and depression, because seemingly nothing moves.

Thus, I see that it is important to not forget, that change happens in the small, that a big change consists of several small changes, that a significant progress consists of several significant mini-progresses – and hence – change is created through those small daily movements.

In this, it is also easy to see how fame, success, and greatness can easily cloud my vision, when I start to focus on what others have done, and I compare myself, and think that I can only be someone significant if I am capable of mustering the same. Though, in this I do not accept and allow myself to see, yet again, that what is significant cannot be defined in terms of size, and using the amount of attention that is centered upon that event. Instead, what is significant can only be seen in each moment.

And this brings me into the next point, how looking at life with the expectation that it should contain these clearly defined and marked occurrences, these big happenings that makes my life move forward, that it hinders me from seeing what is right in front of me. Fact is, that the more I am looking for something specific, already with a picture in mind, an idea of where I am to go, the easier it is for me to miss what is right in front of me. Thus, when I am HERE – OPEN and HUMBLE to the current happenings in my life and reality – that is when I am the most able to responding to my life – finding opportunities, spots, openings, and those small moments of significant change.

What is the solution?

One solution that I see is self-trust – allowing myself to trust myself and that I do not need to utilize control – as zooming into but only one possible future – only one possible direction – instead I can move myself with and as breath – in each moment – and trust myself that when I move and create in the small – this will ripple and eventually create the big – and hence I will create my life organically – through moving myself in every moment.



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