Day 311: Inspired to Calm Down!

At my job, I find it interesting, that the people with the most responsibility are often those that have a significantly laid back and relaxed attitude. Or, at least this is the case where I am working, and it is one person particularly that lives the words calm/relaxed. He is fascinating to observe and I see that I can learn a lot from him in terms of how to approach work.

For example, I have never seen him stress, or walk fast through the corridors and each day he takes time to talk with his co-workers. He seems to be enjoying life and is not stuck up, stressed, or anxious about his work. I on the other hand, I often experience anxiety and stress when I am in the midst of working. It has become a habit to work in a particular pace, to do things ‘fast’ and ‘efficiently’ – and while this is cool in certain areas of life – other areas require pondering, prudence, patience – and all of those words have a relationship to CALM and RELAXED. Because, how can you ponder something, if you are already rushing to the ‘solution’? And how can you be patient if you have already moved to act? And how can you be prudent if you do not take time to look at things, investigate, introspect?

Recently I have had this insight open up within me: What is it that I am working so hard towards? Where is it that I am trying to go? When will I ever be satisfied and relaxed with where I am at? And I could see that I will never be relaxed, satisfied and at peace unless I make the decision to LIVE those words in my life. And I will never be content and calm with the way things are moving unless I make the decision to LIVE those words. Hence, it is a complete illusion that I can apparently achieve calm, relaxation, and some form of future fulfillment through working ‘hard’ now – running and racing towards a specific outcome in the future – it is not real! However, what is real, is what I have here now. And what I do have is a job that I enjoy, it is challenging and interesting, and it offers me much opportunity for expansion. Though, if I never accept and allow myself to slow down, to relax, and allow myself to be calm, then I will not be able to fully SMELL THE ROSES and ENJOY what is here now – and FULLY live and participate with what is here now.

This what I have described, I will call the racing-character – because this pattern has the resonance of trying to get somewhere – fast – efficiently – NOW – to achieve something so that I then – at some point – can relax and let go; a COMPLETE illusion and falsity.

Another characteristic that I see in my colleague is that he is relaxed about mistakes, about things going wrong, and not working out, when it does, he looks for a solution, and then he moves on. And this I also see as being a characteristic of calm, because when I am calm, mistakes are not that bad, as there is sufficient with time for me to look for a solution, to learn from the mistake, and then to move on.

So, how can I live the word calm in my life, what can I learn from my colleague?

To not be so serious, to face problems and issues with a light heart, look for solutions, learn from mistakes, and not make it a process involving fear, anxiety and stress – AND – to not stress and rush to achieve a specific outcome. I find it is cool to have goals, because this makes it easier to make decisions, though that goal must never take away focus from life HERE and the point of WHO I AM within what I do. In-fact, it is possible to live such words as calm, satisfaction, ease, and relaxed, while at the same time, with discipline and direction, moving myself to create a goal/result that I would like to see in my life – the words are not mutually exclusive.

Hence, I commit myself to practice, for the coming days, to apply these words in my work, and in particular when it comes to being hard on myself for mistakes that I do, and becoming stressed and anxious about creating a particular result in certain frame of time – instead I will push myself to walk my life in CALM – and utilize my colleague as a inspiration.

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